I thought it might be fun to have a few writings challenges, just one per week. I will set a different title each week and if you have any ideas I will put them forward too. It only has to be a short piece.

Sometimes writing a shorter piece concentrating on the words we use rather than the length of the piece really improves our writing skills. It is up to you.

This week I have written about a single kiss. Simple really. 


The Kiss.

The huge foyer I find myself in is a tribute to Italian marble, glass and travertine. Reflective surfaces and light dancing around the space. Faultless alabaster statues are dotted around the floor on marble plinths and they could take pride of place in Rome or France. The ambient music is being piped into the room. Everything is glistening, new but to me it seems cold and unwelcoming. This was the grand opening of a new high rise in the central business area, Thacker Tower named after the owner.

I am here because I am a minor artist that made a small sculpture of a baby cradled in a pair of hands. I couldn’t even see where they put it but the invitation was insistent. I even had one of the P. A.’s who was organizing the party ring me, so I was compelled to attend.

I felt so awkward and out of place. Everyone was dressed in expensive, designer clothes, dripping with glittering diamonds and gold. Here I stand in my only little black dress I bought off the rack. I try to stand out of the way and I pray no one will come up and talk to me. I am small and nondescript, so shrinking back into the background is easy.

I have a glass of wine slowly getting warmer in my hand that I have been cuddling since I arrived. I have hardly taken a sip from it. I have a strange feeling I am being watched. I glance up and look across the room. There is a tall, powerfully built man in a dark tuxedo looking at me. Blushing, I look away and try to see who is near me because he can’t be looking at me. There is no one else near me and this makes me uncomfortable. He is looking at me.

I fidget and think I will not look up again. I won’t. There is no way on God’s earth I will look again.

I look up and he is still looking at me, with a wide smile on his face. He is so handsome and I blush as bright as a tomato. To my horror he starts to walk towards me and I start to panic. I look to the right and to the left for some kind of escape route. There is none. I would look ridiculous if I simply ran for the exit.

It takes forever for him to get close and I am mesmerized. I feel like a doe in the headlights of an on coming car. He is so good looking and his eyes are the brightest cornflower blue I have ever seen. He takes the glass off me and places it on a nearby plinth. He says nothing. He reaches up with his hands and slips them on either side of my face and they are warm and soft. His touch is electrifying.

He tilts my head up. I am confused and my mind is reeling. What is this hold he has over me? I feel the warmth of his sweet breath against my lips. I stare into his eyes not believing what is happening. Our lips touch and everything around me fades from reality. There is nothing but him.

Finally his lips touch mine but it is a will-O-the-wisp touch. I close my eyes and just wait.

His moist, hot tongue, delicately part my lips and slips inside my mouth. It slowly explores as the kiss grows stronger. My mind explodes into a myriad of colours like a massive firework display. It makes me feel like I have never been kissed before. I need air but can’t breathe because this kiss demands all of my mind. I let out a low moan and  this urges him to make the onslaught against my exploding senses grow.

It is as if the kiss is bringing my body alive. First my face, then my shoulders, down my arms, just like a life giving elixir. Every part of me just let’s go. I don’t know this man but he is breathing life into me.

Then the kiss is over. I gasp for air as his hands slip away. I don’t, no I can’t open my eyes for fear of losing all of these new sensations. When I am able to, my heavy lids flutter open. I want to see this man, to know this man. When I can see, he has gone. I look around the room and I can see no sign of him.

I am confused, alarmed. Who was he? Was he a phantom? My mind is reeling, my senses aflame. He is gone…



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