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Blue Trees

here is a terrible disease of gum trees in Australia called die back and it is a growing problem in the Australian bush. The remnants stand as silent grey sentinels as monuments to what we are losing. One day I was given this picture of a dead tree with die back and the stark contrast of the bright blue made it stand out from it’s surrounding. 



This is a little note to my readers to let you know I have not been posting much and I am not sure how long this will last. I am feeling depressed and just need to step back for a few days so I can work on getting better. It is not easy thinking of fun sexy things when your happy mind is sleeping. … Read More Depression


Rope Bondage Gallery

As I have said I adore rope bondage and I thought I would show you some of the forms they can take. I must caution you, these pictures do not show the quick release knots in them so they can be undone very quickly should there be a problem. There are many books you can buy about Kinbaku and also watch clips on You Tube.


My New Best Friend

I am so excited because darling S. finished my surprise. I just wanted to share it with you.



⚠️The subject of sexual assault can be a trigger from some of us, if that is the case please do not continue reading. ⚠️
However, I do feel that we should talk about it if we can and to be supportive in the movement on social media by using their hashtag – #SAAM.


In The Mirror

The stinging needles of warm water cascaded down over my skin. It’s been a long and frustrating day. My boss was in a mood and everything I did was wrong. It was days like this that made my whole career choice of being a journalist, frustrating. I knew I was good at my job but my boss didn’t want me to shine. He didn’t … Read More In The Mirror


Food For Thought Friday

The prompt for FFTF this week is:- What would you consider are your particular sexual strengths? Is there anything that you feel you could, or want to do better? Have you ever been told you are particularly good at something? Are there any activities that you are completely indifferent about, but do them anyway? This is a hard question to answer. I know I … Read More Food For Thought Friday


T.M.I. – The Dating Game

I have never been on a dating app but I did meet my Darling S. in a chat room therefore no swiping. We sort of did it the semi old way – talking for hours. If I did see him in a dating app I would not swipe anyway, I would have contacted him and talked with him. I place little value on how a person looks, it is all about the inside stuff not the wrapping. Having said all of that I think my darling S. is very handsome. He slays me with his cheeky, crooked grin every time.


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