You walk to me where I am sat in my wheelchair and without a word you grasp my hands and put them around your neck. I intertwine slender fingers so your hands are free. You slip your arm under my legs and lift me into your strong embrace as if I am a child. Here I am home and safe, nothing can harm me here.

I feel my heart beating hard and my mind reels, what does Darling S. expect of me? What if I can’t do this?

You carry me to the bed and lay me down on top of the doona where a shaft of bright sunlight caresses my whole body. You quickly lay beside me on your side and softly ask, ‘Are you comfortable?’

With a shy smile I nod quickly. My eyes are like saucers and my lips are moist from chewing my bottom lip. He looks at me and whispers, ‘Stop thinking about this. Just let go, and relax my sweet girl.’

I am laying on my back while he lies by my side, his hand resting lightly on my belly. He props his head on his hand, looking down at me with an enigmatic smile.

My mind reels and thoughts about the state of my body. How can I have sex? I can’t move my legs, can’t even feel much below my waist. Sure, there is some sensation in my right leg which hints at a fuller recovery but right now, nothing better than that.

I look up at my man with eyes filled with questions. ‘I told you to stop thinking, kitten.’

There it was, the dominant voice. Not an order, not spoken in anger, it is ‘THAT’ voice. It caresses my thoughts just like his fingers stroke my skin. My breath catches and my eyes get wider still.

With a smile Darling S.’s hand moves from my belly under my side and he gently eases me into his arms, his legs go over mine and pulls them close too. I can feel the heat of his chest against my back. His hand runs over the top of my head to brush down my hair so it doesn’t tickle his nose. We spoon so perfectly together.

He says against my hair, ‘Just as we are waiting for your legs to remember how to move, we will wait for everything else to come back. This afternoon all I want is to hold you and I thought you looked like you could do with a cuddle.’

‘I love you my darling.’ I murmur softly.

‘I love you more, sweet girl.’



8 Comments on “Intimate

    • Thank you Miss Violet. I am able to post such sweet posts because of my darling S. He makes me want to to do well in every aspect of my life. I have bad days, days I want to give up, but He is right there encouraging me, so how can I give up? He believes in me and that in turn makes me believe in myself. I can also get very cranky so life is ‘interesting’ to say the least.
      I know I will get better it is just a matter of time. Thank you for your kind thoughts ❤ ❤ ❤


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