I have had a few people show a bit of concern in my lack of posting. I am still in hospital. I had the brain tumour removed successfully but a blood clot formed and again I had to have that removed. That has knocked me about. I am not terribly keen on having holes drilled in my head.

After the tumour removal I had some silly things happen to my legs deciding to go on strike. I got my right leg back working but the left was a little lazier. Now after the second op they have both gone on strike again. I have the worlds best wheel chair and I can zip around in it. On the plus side I can feel both feet so it is way too soon to be thinking I won’t walk again.

I feel very positive about my mobility and I see improvements all the time. My physical therapist makes me work hard.

The last thing I feel is that I am disabled, I consider myself in recovery. As for my sexuality I will not allow this to stand in the way of our kinky fuckery. Thankfully I am a wee thing and darling S. can toss me around.

My darling S. is my rock. He is my touch stone and he keeps me smiling. He is also very determined to make me independent. He has already told me he won’t be pushing me in my wheels. There is an exception of course. If I have tried to wheel myself over rough terrain and I can’t get where I want to go, he will help of course. Same thing with me getting tired.

Well that is about all I can tell you. I have become a half finished novel. I guess a favourite saying of mine is always live your life as if it is your last day and get all you can from it. None of us know how long we have and my surgeon said that people with the same tumour as mine have lived for 10 years after it’s removal. Some survivors have gone past that milestone. I choose to do that.

I hope this fills in the void.





15 Comments on “This is an Official Update

    • Miss Violet thank you for your kindness. I am buoyant and laugh all the time. I made sure they didn’t take my sense of humour. There is a chance I might be going home so things will improve then. ❤ ❤ ❤ kitten

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    • Thank you blue. You know you don’t usually recognise how many friends you have on here until something goes awry. It is then you know how incredibly kind people are. You hear about the haters on places like Twitter but here, on a BDSM site I have only known love and kindness. Go figure. Once more thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Gosh! I was just thinking of you today and was so pleased to see an update in my in box. I had no idea that this awful thing had happened to you. I’ve been away for several weeks and been very remiss at keeping up with blogs. I am pleased to read that things are improving and hopefully yes, this is a recovery phase. Keep positive and keep us up to date. Sending you love, hugs and all good wishes.

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    • MPB, thank you for your well wishes and love. I know you have had your world turned upside down with cancer too. I don’t know if people can truly understand what it is like unless they have been there. What they can do however, is to offer support and love and I am blessed to have my blogging friends that do that.

      I always try to find the silver lining in every thing and I usually do. This has made me aware of how amazing the body can be. To lose the use of your legs is very frightening and you imagine you will never get the use back. The brain is a miracle worker and it finds it’s way back and in some cases you get back what you have lost.
      I also learned that if I never walked again I am still an active viable woman. I know this may sound crazy but having cancer has offered me the chance to show my strength. Go figure.

      Right now coils of rope still make my heart miss a beat and the jingle of handcuffs make me close my eyes and moan.
      Wow this is a very long reply, I hope you don’t mind.
      ❤ ❤ ❤ kitten.


      • I have to admit that my heart sank when I first read your post yesterday. Yes, I do know and also know that this is what we always fear will happen. But your attitude to this set back is key and you have the will and desire to beat this. You have your lovely Sir and family and of course blogging friends. I found the latter’s support helped so me so much.

        I agree the brain is an amazing organ and of course this is very early days. You are in my thoughts and I’m here if you need a chat xxx

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  2. You have such a positive energy! I wish you complete healing and hope you gain back the use of your legs. I will be praying for you. All the best!!


    • Hi collaredmichael. I have missed you. Things have been hectic recently and I know you understand why I have been unable to post on here. I also sincerely hope your partner is well.
      In the hospital now there is a nurses station in the midst of the rooms and twice a day my PT makes me wheel myself around it in my brand new and shiny red and black wheel chair. It is so much fun and I refuse to be a Sunday driver and end up bolting around. It is a laugh.
      If I never walk again, which I don’t think will happen but you have to think of these things, you will find me in a marathon but of course my darling S. will have to put the flame decal on my chair so it goes faster.
      Gradually I will begin to do more on here and let you all know how well I am doing. For now thank you for your kindnesses. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Dear kisungura, thank you for your kind words. I believe I am strengthened by healing thoughts and good wishes.

      I am settling down at home again and now the hard works starts. My darling S. has to get me to slow down. It is so easy to try to do too much and then you get very tired. I have to learn to pace myself and with my loving man I will. I haven’t lost my sense of humour. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • I’m so glad to hear that, take the time you need and that may come in fits and starts. Listen to your body and to S, take care xx


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