This is an update about me and the reason I have not been posting. Yes, I was very depressed but there was something else going on. I was having blinding headaches and they were worse than my normal migraines. I have injections of Botox to stop them but instead they were getting worse.

Eventually I rang my neurologist and then went to see her. She asked me to have a CT scan, which I did and an anomaly was there. Next they asked me to have an MRI and I was told I have a tumour. Yesterday they did a needle biopsy and it was found to be cancerous.

I am having it removed on Tuesday next week.

It is small and in a place that is easy to get it. I wanted to share this with you all to let you know why I am not blogging. Please don’t worry about me I am in the best of care. My support team is amazing and my medical team are truly great. They feel we have a big chance to win this battle and it is good odds to triumph. I am called kitten but I am a strong fighter.

On a brighter note if I behave like a brat, have a blonde moment or throw a tantrum I can just say…. brain tumour. It works too because we usually end up giggling.

I will keep you all posted…

All prayers are welcome.


Thank you so much



9 Comments on “Update

    • There is no question I will beat this. My darling S. will kick my ass if I ever give up. I can say the odds are pretty good. Thank you for your kind words.


  1. Michael thank you for your kind words. I choose to be positive and so does my support team/. I have to say I can get away with murder with them. They take such good care of me. Laughter at this time is my best cure. Thank you once again.

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  2. A kitten with the heart of a tiger, i have no doubts you will kick this things butt my friend!
    I believe we are all in some way connected in this world through energy and i/we are sending you all the good energy we can muster! ❤
    'tumor made me do it …' lol i can hear you now, sassy kitty!! 😛


  3. Well there has to be an upside of a tumour so I am going to use it. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. I choose it carefully. Darling S. keeps me laughing. I have a new fight song and I am wearing my armour. I can’t say I am not afraid but I have so many wonderful people around me that keep me strong. My medical team are amazing too. Thanks for your well wishes. ❤

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  4. Just wanted to say hello. I hope these times find you as well as can be expected and i hope you’re still kicking @ss like the feisty kitten that you are my friend! ❤


  5. Hey Nijntje thanks for asking. Things are a bit of a challenge right now but things will get better. Hard to kick ass right now as my legs are not working after the surgery but there are also some great signs that point to the fact they will soon be back in their ass kicking ways. Radiation therapy sucks and the pills I am taking can make life a challenge but I beat this once I am going to do that same thing again. Thanks for your well wishes hun. Luv to you and the Bear.


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