Posting a great number of erotic pictures of me makes me very uncomfortable but I do love a really hot erotic photograph. It inspires me to write about them and in a way they become prompts. What I love is implied eroticism not overt sexuality. I had an idea to try something new and open this up to you. I will post three pictures and if you would like to join in please do. I will write my little stories too and you can consider what your reactions are like compared with mine. It is amazing how many stories can come from the one picture.

When you have written your post please put a link to it down in the comments so we can read your entry. There are no word limits so it can be as long or as short as you want. I think it might be less taxing if I only post this once per month that way you can take your time.

Make a copy of the picture you want to write about so we know which you choose

Please copy the link back to here so your readers can also give it a go. Ok simple rules over with.
4698484 this one


As this is the first post of this, remember it is just for fun when you have some spare time. This months pictures are…..


A.   gothic-3166762__340

Elle is ready for the Masked Ball and is waiting for Michael to ring her doorbell. Everyone at work had warned her about him. He was the writer of sexual/psycho mystery and the best seller of the at the publishing house where she worked as an editor. His books talked of domination and submission and other taboo things. It was the way  he wrote about it that drew her in. She had battled long and hard to get him into their stable of writers bbecause this man knew his subject matter.

He looks like a predator so why the hell had she agreed to go out with him? It was pretty simple actually, most men were nothing unique and she was so over them being so wishy washy. They had no back bones but Michael was certainly not that way.

He certainly wasn’t boring, he seemed almost dangerous, and when he looked at her she always flushed. He had a certain smile that was so sexual. Every time she spoke with him she began to fidget. Her nipples got hard , her belly clenched and her sex moistened. This had never happened before and she was curious to find out more about him.

The sound of the doorbell made her jump and she stood up, grabbed her purse and walked slowly to the front door of her apartment. When she opened it he is standing there, resplendent in a black tuxedo and wearing a plain black mask. He did a flourishing bow and then grinned at her. She laughed nervously with her hand over her mouth. As always she blushes.

‘Shall we go madam, your carriage awaits you.’

Elle closed the front door. As they walked away Michael’s hand cupped her elbow and they made there way down to where he had parked the car….



The power of a touch of the hands can be electrifying. As you take my hand and lead me into a dance around the kitchen. We both laugh as we are swept up in the music. I call you silly and you call me beautiful. We bring our hands down and you pull me close. My head is on your shoulder and the world fades out. All that is left is you and the music. This tiny foray into a dance floor in the clouds transports us to a magical world.



Your body is a source of wonder and it makes me desire every small part of your naked flesh laying under me, but I won’t be rushed. Every taste of your skin makes me moan. You lay there letting tiny mewling sounds when I run the tip of my tongue in a line down your torso. I will not rush but I relish the difference between the way she makes me feel and the way my Dominant does.

With him I relish his masculinity with all it’s strength and passion but there is a part of me that sometimes yearns for a different kind of connection. The warm tender touch of a woman. Her body opening to me as I explore every inch of her. Hands, lips, tongue and flesh adoring her as she deserves to be adored. As I move to the valley of her thighs my mouth seeks out the heat of her…..

Well you get the idea. This really is something to have fun with. If you can’t think of something to write about with the pictures I have selected but you have one that speaks to you, please enter with that one.

By the way the irony is not  lost on me that I just said I was doing too many memes and the next thing I start one of my own ~ giggling ~, but what the hey, I’m a woman and I can change my mind.



4 Comments on “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

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  2. I thought it might be easy to do and perhaps encourage bloggers ti do some writing in a more fictional way. I enjoyed writing mine because there was just implied eroticism well maybe the last one was a bit more than implied. It is also lighthearted but thanks for the comment Nijntje, as always very welcome.


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