Time for your regularly scheduled TMI Tuesday. Enjoy 🙂

TMI Tuesday blog

1. Did leave your last love for some one else or no one else?

Hard to answer this because my first master died.

2. Do you enjoy being alone? Yes or No

I enjoy time alone if that is what you mean.

3. Which of these reasons is most likely to spark your motivation for solitude:

a. It sparks my creativity
b. I enjoy the quiet
c. Being alone helps me get in touch with my spirituality
d. I value the privacy
e. I do not feel liked when I am around others
f. I cannot be my true self when I am around others

Definitely A with a bit of B. and a tad of C.

4. Have you ever tried to win back an ex-significant other?
– Yes or No
– Were you successful?
– If yes, did you regret it?
– How long did the reconciliation last?


5. Do you mind if your significant gives or receives harmless flirtation?

I flirt too, it is fun and I don’t mind in the least if he flirts. I am confident enough in our relationship to know who he will be going home with.

Bonus: If you really knew me, you’d know

I am painfully shy. I will come out of my shell but at the very beginning I am shy. You will see me holding hands with darling S. until I feel more comfortable with you. I do adore good conversation and that gets me out of my shell quickly. A fine mind is so very sexual for me. I have a quick silver mind and I need a person that can keep up. I have found that to be a hazard a lot of the time. Thankfully my darling S. can sometimes run circles around me and that encourages me to learn more. I am not too proud to ask ‘What does that mean?’ or ‘Tell me more please.’ If it interests me I will research the meaning of words. As a writer, words are my oil paints to paint a picture. 

So, once the shyness is gone, expect some lively conversation.



5 Comments on “TMI Tuesday

      • I totally agree kitten, great sense of humor over good looks, a capable body over six packs. But then again, it wouldn’t hurt it you have both (my opinion only!). hehehehe =)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Harmless flirting is great fun. Thats what I do. My wife? Nah, that’s bad flirting!
    Bwahahaha! 🙂


  2. ha ha ha Nero you are a hoot. (god I hope that has the same meaning as it does to me.) I mean it as fun. My darling S. doesn’t even know he is flirting but he is. I don’t make my convo flirty, but I am told I flirt with my eyes and I don’t mean to. S, will verbally flirt and I look at it as keeping his hand in so he can flirt with me. I am an equal opportunity flirt and will flirt with both men and woman but again nothing too pointed. ❤ ❤ ❤


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