Over the last few weeks there have been some very serious questions from different meme’s I enjoy. I have touched on some very serious subjects that are emotional and some just plain horrifying. Please don’t get me wrong I felt some of them needed to be answered and I did my best to stay true to myself. My Darling S. feels the same way.

I chose to write them myself and there was no pressure to enter in them. I also don’t blame the wonderful people who wrote the prompts, they are all truly sweet people and they’re only asking so that what we write possibly could help another person.

I am  just going to stop answering them for a while because I feel as if they have changed the tone of my blog and I love a sense of fun to shine through. Of course if a fun meme comes up I will answer them with great delight.

The posts I did answer have not put me into a bad space because if I felt it did, I would not have posted or written them.

To all you wonderful people running these memes I love each one of you and things you put  in prompts were very gentle and well thought out.

So to my regular readers things are about to become more fun and more information about our lifestyles.



6 Comments on “Taking a break from meme’s

  1. I think that’s a wise move my friend! Taking care of your own mental health is important and the only one who really knows how you feel is you.
    I had been tempted to join in on a few as well but decided i had enough to deal with in my own ‘pack’ and with myself. That took precedence.
    Be strong, be well, be yourself! That’s why everyone is here anyway! ❤


    • Nijntje, I am feeling great but I miss writing fun posts and lighthearted subjects. I also miss writing down information I have learned about BDSM. Meme’s can be great fun but I was just answering meme prompts. I really didn’t mind answering them but I felt the blog lost it’s focus. I will still do them once in a while if they are funny or lighthearted. I think I have displayed my glitches enough. Thanks for you comment Nijntje. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I like to keep things happy and lighthearted when i can as well.
        Someone once wrote a whole post about how i was ‘frivolous’! LoL I’m saddened that they couldn’t find room for some innocent fun in their lives at the time. Hasn’t changed my want to be that way though! *wink* ❤


  2. I kinda did think your went in hell for leather with the ol memes – I tend to do a couple a week maybe, and often one post will be entered into two memes – I see my blog as my space so understand when you say you want to engage in more fun and informative topics. 😉


    • May, I totally went in hell for leather and it was my responsibility. I am a person that takes a while to think hey this is really deep and I need a way back out. I think each prompt was considered and important. I didn’t realise how tiring they were. I have no regrets writing them. I will still enter the memes just not all of them every time. Thank you for your lovely comment. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Nijntje, believe it or not you were the one that showed me how a good blog should be. You have the right blend of fun and seriousness and that is what I am missing now. You are like my lil light. So be prepared for more lighthearted stuff.
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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