The prompt for the week is – Wishes

If I were to wish for something sexy it would be for ten first class cow hides and ten first class kangaroo hides. Doesn’t sound very sexy does it? However magic can come from those. My darling S. is a talented leather worker. Sometimes he will disappear into his workroom for hours at a time, sometimes days with just meal breaks and sleep time. It’s then I know he is making something for me. It quickens my pulse and my thoughts reel. He did this recently and he told me it was a surprise for me. Yes, I got all excited but though it drove me silly, I didn’t ask questions. In the end he showed me and he had made me a flogger. It is beautiful. He makes things out of parachute cord first to understand how the patterns will look. He tries to make his own patterns instead of copying someone else’s work.


He has made me two whips, leather cuffs, and now the flogger.  He made himself a bondage belt to use on me. On the plans are leather paddles, a chest harness, another couple of collars, When he has improved his confidence he wants to make me a leather corset, so you can see the sound of cow hide and kangaroo hide might seem very unromantic but considering my submissive life that would be made so much more exciting with them.


I have to admit just the smell of leather arouses me and when my darling S. has been working with leather he smells divine. There is nothing that compares with something made for you from a beloved partner.

So where do I find that magic lamp….. ‘Oh genie, where are you?



7 Comments on “EJC – Wishes

  1. Oh Nijntje I should have marked them. They are not ones that S. has made. I did post a bondage belt he made for himself a while ago but he will have to give me some pics of what he has made. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I remember that belt, if i recall i asked if he was in the market for selling …. ! *wink* LoL No worries Kitten, i look forward to seeing anything you wish to share.


      • If your interested in a belt we can probably work something out for cost email us

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      • Thanks for the offer, S.! That is so very kind of you, if it was a year ago, when i first saw it i might ask the Bear but these days there is no way to have something like that around my wrists! They are simple much too sore these days. UGH But thank you my friend!! ❤

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