The stinging needles of warm water cascaded down over my skin. It’s been a long and frustrating day. My boss was in a mood and everything I did was wrong. It was days like this that made my whole career choice of being a journalist, frustrating. I knew I was good at my job but my boss didn’t want me to shine. He didn’t want ‘any little girl’ moving higher than him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

There is an awards night tonight and it was going to be a gala event. I was told to be there dressed appropriately. I had to go to it because he didn’t like going to them and dammit I hate gala events with a passion.

As the heat of the shower slowly relaxes me, I wash myself. Then I turn off the taps and step out of the shower stall. I grab my large white towel and dry myself.

I quickly get ready and I wander into my bedroom. Looking at my bed there is a large cardboard box tied with a broad satin ribbon. I certainly didn’t put it there. My heart is pounding and I grab my robe and put it on. Was there an intruder in my apartment? I grab the baseball bat I keep near my bed and go in search. I find no one and the front door is securely locked. The same is true of the balcony doors. How the hell did the box get there?

I wander back to my bedroom and contemplate it once more. I looked closely at the lid and look for signs of a bomb, but I have no idea about bombs. I see no ominous wires or anything else. I undo the ribbon and take the lid off as I hold my breath and close my eyes. Nothing happens and I firstly open one eye then the other. What I see takes my breath away.

Folded carefully was a glorious evening gown. The bodice is bejewelled and the skirt is a soft chiffon concoction. I hold it up against my body and I gasp. It looks amazing and also looks as if it has been made for me. In the bottom of the box is a second box, the type jewellers use. I put the dress down and reach for it. I click it open and find a beautiful bejewelled barrette that matches the dress. There is a piece of paper folded up at the very bottom of the box. My fingers tremble as I pick it up.

It says, ‘If you would love a magical adventure please do me the honour of wearing this dress for me. When you are ready, please take the time to relax before your mirror.’

Ok, who the hell has done this? I look at the dress again and it would look great at the awards show. I don my best pair of lacy panties but I don’t need a bra. When I put on the dress it is as if it were made for me and I gasp. This is a vision and I never dress like this normally. I wonder if it is too much for the gala, then I shake my head, no it’s perfect.

I dry my hair and then put some deep waves into it. I pull it to one side and put the amazing barrette in to hold it back. I sit at my dressing table and apply my make-up carefully.

I stand up and twirl. I have never twirled before in my life! The dress seems to have some magical spell over me. It wrapped around me but it felt so light, it is like I am naked.  Whomever bought this knew me very well. A shiver climbs my spine making me shudder. Who did this?

Now for the strangest request, to sit at my dressing table.  Though I feel silly I do just that. I am not normally so obedient. What has got into me?

Woman Looking at Mirror

I look everywhere rather than at myself. It’s an old habit. Suddenly something catches my gaze in the side of the mirror. I spin around to see what is moving. There is no-one in the room but me. I turn my head slowly back towards the mirror and instead of seeing myself I see a man, a very handsome man that makes my heart race. I jump back from the mirror, spilling the stool over with a clatter.

‘I promised you a magical adventure, Alice.’

‘This can’t be happening…’

‘Alice I have known you as a child but now you are an adult. The adventure I want to take you on is through yourself. You have not even guessed at your sexuality.’

I suddenly tense up and look at the man in the mirror. ‘Sexuality? That is none of your business!’.

‘I would like it to be…’

His voice and the words he utters, make me melt. My belly clenches and my sex weeps tears of my essence. My nipples are rock hard and I let out a tiny little mewling sound.

‘See my love? You cannot help but respond to me. Your body was made for my touch. Come with me my darling.’ His voice is hypnotic and deeply sexual. His words pull me toward him.

‘What if I don’t want to stay where you are taking me?’

‘Then I will return you to this moment in time and it will be as if you never saw me.’

I can’t believe I am doing this but I can’t refuse. I step towards the mirror where his hand is stretching out from the glass. I take his hand and there is a jolt of sexual energy that surges through me. My whole body is alive and this man is responsible. It is as if every cell in my body has come alive. I allow myself to be drawn out of this world and into the other…..




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