The prompt for FFTF this week is:-

What would you consider are your particular sexual strengths?

Is there anything that you feel you could, or want to do better?

Have you ever been told you are particularly good at something?

Are there any activities that you are completely indifferent about, but do them anyway?

This is a hard question to answer. I know I do submission very well. I enjoy, no, it is more than that, I have the heart of a submissive. It runs through me like blood. There is something in my Darling S. that turns me into a sensual and sexual submissive, wanting to please him in all ways. He doesn’t demand it but his being radiates his dominant nature. It is not visible to the outsiders in the world but the signs are there if you look hard. Submission isn’t about obeying it is more like standing on the precipice and having the courage to close your eyes and just jump into air. To accept and allow your body and mind the chance to experience complete submission.


Then trust takes over and you know you will be caught in your lovers arms.

My sexual strength is the ability to jump off high cliffs.

I am a girl that blushes. I blush at the smallest thing and I hate it. Darling S. loves it and does tend to tease me over it. I think I look like a tomato S. thinks it is cute.

The thing I am often told I do well is to listen to people. Let them just speak and open up to me. It is not about curiosity it is about a desire to listen maybe help them. I don’t have much in the way of an enough is enough switch and people take advantage some times.

As for the indifference aspect, I don’t do indifference in the lifestyle. I don’t do it with Darling S. either. Sometimes he get’s so caught up about something, say, football, which does garner a lot of indifference in me, being with him while he watches it is so freaking cool and funny as hell. He get’s so passionate about football. He likes the way I shake my pom poms oooh could that be another talent I have, Pom Pom shaking!



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