It  has always been my aim to act like a lady. No matter my role in BDSM I maintain that outside of the bedroom. During a scene I can be a slut, a whore and even a cock sucker in the literal sense, but you better not call me those names outside of the bedroom.

I know the correct cutlery to use in a fancy restaurant, I know how to dress well for an occasion too. I speak like a lady,  not cussing as a matter of form. I might have an Aussie accent but I know the way to hold up my end of a conversation. I can speak on many subjects but get me in a scene I can just become that whore, slut or cocksucker. I can swear like a trooper, do very unladylike things but there is a line in the sand, so to speak and I try very hard not to go over it.

The other thing is Australians are a nation of bad cussers. Not every Aussie swears but by and large they can have foul mouths. That is one of the big things I have noticed about Americans, they don’t cuss much at all.

To be a lady means something important to me. I am no snob, I don’t regard myself as better than other people, I just have strong sense of the type of person I wish to be. I don’t even do this for my Darling S. Mind you I have come a long way from the early days when I was still stuck in the lifestyle I had first. My then Master was very strict about ladylike behaviour.

I used to eat Pizza with a knife and fork. I could peel a banana with a bread and butter knife and a dessert spoon and cut it into mouthfuls to eat. I couldn’t eat a hamburger without it being wrapped and cut in half. If you wanted to see blind panic in me, present me with a taco! Darling S. has got rid of all that nonsense.

I no longer set a table for a four course meal unless something special is on.

I am relaxed and not caught up in trappings of ladylike behaviour in the extreme. I remain a lady and you better treat me as one. The only person that gets to see my unladylike behaviour is my partner.




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  1. My kids like to tease because i cut my pizza with a knife and use a fork. *shrug* that’s the way i like it. 😉 I strive for manners and self respect, i find no need to go over the top but i would like to think i manage myself like a lady. I also expect to be treated as one!
    Nice post, Kitten! ❤ Always a pleasure to read.

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    • Nijntje you are one of the people I consider a lady and god help anyone that treats you any other way… me thinks they might get kicked in the shins! ‘evil grin’ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • LoL I might be a lady but life has taught me to ‘throw down’ with the best of them! *wink*
        Ever seen ‘the holy grail’ by Monty Python? I’m just an ‘innocent little bunny’! *smirk*

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