Wicked Wednesday prompt is – Tantrums

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I don’t really have much experience with throwing tantrums, there is no little in me wanting to break out. I do have a bit of a temper, just a smidge, okay a bit more than a smidge but it is normally at inanimate objects that won’t cooperate.

My one tantrum story is about when I was in my first relationship. Sorry people, no sex involved. 

I wanted new drapes in the bedroom and it was a large window. Though my husband was well off I wanted to make the drapes to make them special and more personal.

First mistake.

So off to the drapery shop I went. It took forever to pick the material I liked. It was an olive green stretchy velvety material. 

Second mistake

I bought the tape for the top, the one that brought them together in nice pleats. I got the right thread the hooks, then I bought a new sewing machine.

Third mistake.

I took all my wares home and I was ready to go. I measured the windows, bought the brass rod and end pieces and they had been installed. Now all I had to do was sew in straight lines, right?

Fourth Mistake.

I cut and pinned and pinned and cut. I couldn’t get the hems to sit straight. In the end I just put it down and had a cup of coffee. I thought and thought about it and decided to try again.

Fifth Mistake.

I thought I could just sew it and it would sit better. I could push and pull as required. So I set up the sewing machine. I think I rigged the machine up right but the sound of chuckling seemed to emanate from the sewing machine, I kid you not. Well maybe a bit I am. I was ready to go.

Sixth Mistake. 

I started and no matter how I tried the material crept and moved and when I looked at the seams they were puckered and hung all wrong. Just as I finished the first seam for the fourth time I had had enough. I wrenched in out of the machine, The sewing machine fell off the table and bits flew off it. I grabbed the curtain and flung it to the floor. 

Little did I know but my Master was standing by the door watching this happen. I didn’t even hear him laughing. I was enraged. I began to kick and stomp on the material when a pin went right into the sole of my heal. I fell to the floor, still yelling and cussing a lot.

Master got the pin out and I stayed on the floor still seething.

The next day I went to a place that made drapes and I ordered the ones I wanted.

Best Decision I made. 

Just as an aside:-The material I had bought wasn’t made for drapes, it was for making clothes.


14 Comments on “Wicked Wednesday – Tantrums

  1. and this is why I am certain the damned infernal sewing machine chuckles when I walk past it. It is a cursed, belligerent, devils invention that calls out to me in the darkness of night. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This made me laugh, also because it sounds like something I would do too… there was a time when I did our curtains and even made duvet covers 🙂

    Rebel xox


      • Totally disregard last comment reply. I did it through comments in my blog and thought it was in regards to another post. I always think I can repair a mistake instead of saying ‘oh the hell with this.’ Once more sorry for mistake on which post you made and where. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Ooo, you reminded me of something I needed to order! (Curtain rings) Thanks!

    And yeah, I totally would have ended up back at the store, haha.


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