This weeks prompt is – The Dating Game.



TMI Tuesday blog

Here are the questions – and my answers.

1. Consider your current lover and your relationship as it stands. If this person were on a dating app would you swipe left or swipe right?

I have never been on a dating app but I did meet my Darling S. in a chat room therefore no swiping. We sort of did it the semi old way – talking for hours. If I did see him in a dating app I would not swipe anyway, I would have contacted him and talked with him. I place little value on how a person looks, it is all about the inside stuff not the wrapping. Having said all of that I think my darling S. is very handsome. He slays me with his cheeky, crooked grin every time.

2. Have you ever done speed dating? Did you like it? Did you get a real or full date out of it?

I have never speed dated at all, so I can’t see the value in it. You get to see them, sure but it is a case of wrapping again. I love great eyes and cheeky grins. It is very difficult to get to know someone in a few minutes. Not having done it I am terminally shy and I find it hard to let my walls down.

3. If your date texts during a date, do you find it annoying? If yes, do you say something about it?

Oh this is one of my pet peeves. I can understand if warned that the person was waiting for an important phone call. I will understand, but texting? No way. If he did it I would simply get up and walk away. If he started swiping I would go ballistic. If you can’t stop texting while you have a meal forget it. In our family no one is allowed to bring phones to the dining table. .

4. How do you like to arrange dates–with an actual phone call or all via text messages?

Again no experience with this because S. and I plan things face to face. If something came up for a chance to have a date, he would ring me or wait until I got home. I prefer voice over text

5. For a first date, which do you prefer–drink date or dinner date?

We don’t drink so definitely a dinner date. The only reason we would go to a bar on a date would be because we are looking for a blues show. They seem to perform in bars more often than not. My darling S. is strong enough to just drink OJ or coke.

Bonus: Have you ever been a cockblocker? Why did you do this?

I have been a cockblocker. If all you can send me is a picture of your dick it says a lot about your character. Darling S. has sent me unsolicited pictures of his cock but not for a long time after we met. The only way I can compare this to me is I compare dick pics to sending a picture of my vagina. The problem is guys actually like them but what kind of message is that sending the recipient?

No matter how spectacular it is it doesn’t tell me much about you as a person.

I am aware that these answers make me sound very old fashioned and I am. Nothing compares to real life as apart from damned mobile phones.


2 Comments on “T.M.I. – The Dating Game

  1. Hey, what’s wrong with being a bit old fashioned!?!?! *raspberries* Just messing with you, but seriously, the world could use a few of the old fashioned values IMO. I don’t see anything wrong with ‘do unto others’ or conducting yourself with integrity. If we did, perhaps the world would be a better place.

    I’m glad you took on the TMI, i have NO experience with any of it! LoL


  2. ‘giggling here’ I am not so much old fashioned more like I put the feminist movement back 70 years. I honestly think that is what BDSM does for me. My submission makes me feel like a woman of the 50’s. I love cooking for my man, I love when he opens a door for me, I don’t need ‘mother’s little helpers’ to get through my day. I do love to get to know a man but these days it is hard to do the whole dating thing. If I was not with my darling S. I might consider a dating app, but then, nah it is not my kind of thing. ❤ ❤ ❤


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