Hi every body it’s S. I’m going to be taking over this week’s Sex Blogger for Mental Health post for those of you who don’t have the prompt handy here it is:

Do you believe that Alcoholism is a mental illness or lack of self-control?
Share your worst drinking story.
Looking back how do you feel about it?
Did it make you stop drinking?
What did you learn from the experience?
How you ever self-medicated using alcohol?
Share a sex story that involves alcohol.

As our regular followers have figured out by now I am indeed a recovering alcoholic. The alcoholic part I’m not proud of  – the recovering part… yep I sure am. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a drink.

Now that’s enough about me I’m not looking for praise here, just filling in some blanks is all.

Do I think it’s a mental illness well now, that depends? Yes I believe brain chemistry plays a significant role in whether we drink to excess and the effect alcohol has on our bodies. I mean, I wish I was a guy who could have just one bourbon, but one always, and I really do mean this, it always leads to thirteen.

So in that regard it’s a mental illness.

I say it depends because innately when it’s used as an excuse like I’m sick I can’t control my drinking, you can, lots of people do. It’s hard, it takes real effort and struggle to stop. I was lucky I got into a good program that made sense to me and I quit first time around. Some people it takes three, four, five times. But it can be done.

I refuse to share my worst drinking story outside of an AA meeting this isn’t the forum to lay my soul bare, suffice it to say I’ve done bad things I’m ashamed of. Most of those things didn’t get me to quit drinking. It wasn’t until my kids went to stay with a close friend that I stopped.

I also won’t share sex stories from my drinking days. To me that is just turning it into a side show. I did terrible things there too,  I wasn’t kind to kitten and I didn’t protect her as she deserved but we worked through our issues. We have a happy, honest, solid loving relationship now.

Through getting sober I’ve learned a lot about self worth, my self worth. What it means to be a good man. The difference between a good person and a perfect person. The art of being content and happy. I can say I’m both of those now.

As far as self medicating I don’t know an alcoholic who doesn’t justify drinking as medicinal in one form or another.

I do realize this is a bit serious for me but it’s a serious topic one close to my heart. People took time to help me so I’m give back the best I know how, with my big mouth.

Thanks for reading


5 Comments on “Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

  1. Thanks for writing this. I almost skipped on by and didn’t read it but I’m so glad I did. So pleased to read you are now content and happy.


  2. I am so proud of you darling and every day you show me your strength. You had a chance to turn your life around and you did it. You are so sweet natured and gentle with me, well unless you need to be otherwise ‘wink’. But seriously it took a brave man to open himself up like this…. love you BBB’s …. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I too think alcoholism is a mental illness and that until a person is ready to acknowledge they have a problem it is difficult to manage. I love to read about the life the two of you have now and the work you have done as part of your recovery has led to that life.


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