This week the prompt for the Erotic Journal Challenge is

What makes you feel sexy?

Oh this is such a massive subject. It is like asking me what makes you breathe, so I had to try and think of a way to quantify it.

My star sign is Taurus and the five senses are so important to me. I am a tactile sensualist. Wow did I just create a new label? Bad kitty.

I adore touching and being touched. It doesn’t have to be sexually, just little things like lightly running your fingers down my arm. When you kiss me, hold my face in your hands and gently draw me towards you. The touch of your lips on mine, hard or softly, they are both exciting to me. I love you explore your body in return, my fingers leaving fiery trails over your skin. My skin grieves if left untouched for a couple of days. It is almost like an addiction and I go through withdrawal. I love to massage you and I love to be massaged. Not one that works on pressure points, just an erotic massage, leaving me so aroused I can’t sit still. All of these things turn me into a sexual animal.


Scent is important to me. I love to wear perfume. It lifts my spirits so much I use it as a defence against depression. I need to smell good. S. loves perfume too and likes nothing better than burrow his nose into my neck and I find that so damned sexy. He wears men’s cologne and just one whiff of it can have me following him, turning me on so much that he shows me mercy and takes me to play. The smells of rope and  the smell of leather has me dissolving into a needy little kitten.


Taste is something else I love. I love to taste salt on the skin of a man (my man anyway) I love the taste of coffee on your lips. I love to lick my way down from your lips to your cock, and oral sex for me is an artform and I love taking my time on you worshiping your manhood. I love the taste of your essence.


Sight is one of those things that can make my sexuality soar. Going into the playroom is like a treasure house of magical sights. Be it the metal four poster bed, the St. Andrews Cross, or the different floggers or whips. Each one of them reminds me of what we have done and I am aroused so very quickly. What makes it stronger is if I don’t know what is about to happen until it is explained to me. Everything in there makes scenes flash through my mind. All my senses are inflamed.


Sound is something I feel is under-rated. I know you like the sound of the mewling sounds I make when I am desperate to climax. I know you adore the sound of your cock ramming into my wet cunt. I love that sound too. I love the sound of your grunting and growling as you ravage me. The other side of the coin is your gentleness, the soft words of encouragement you whisper in my ears. I love it when you talk dirty to me and I know you enjoy it when I talk dirty back. I know when you are aroused, your voice changes. I adore the sounds of orgasm. I know you love to hear me beg as I love to beg.


All of my senses are very active and I won’t let them go. I know this is just a small post for such a big subject but I think it gives an incite to what makes me feel sexy.



4 Comments on “The Erotic Journal Challenge

  1. I find my sexuality is visceral, tactile and I am lucky because my darling S. knows this. The senses are my foreplay and sometimes strike me out of the blue. S. is a master of using them too. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I agree with you that the senses are super important to our ability to feel sexy as they are how we experience the world. The ways in which we use our senses to actively search out and experience our partners and let them experience us are as individual as snowflakes.


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