To look at him he looks like so many other people. Nothing gives you the warning that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now don’t be thinking this is something bad. I happen to think it is the best thing on Earth.


He has twinkling eyes and a ready smile. He loves to kid around and make people laugh. I watch him interact with everyone but they don’t know what lingers just under his skin. Oh if they only knew.

He can be outside throwing a ball for his son, just shooting the breeze. He’s been known to lay on the floor and yell, ‘Dog pile on dad!’ and everyone rolls about laughing. Perhaps this is the alpha male wolf teaching his pups?

He can speak hauntingly beautiful things until your opinion of yourself changes. He makes you feel sexy when you feel like a blob. He can nuzzle your neck, taking in your perfume and turn you into a needy bitch with just the smallest of growls.

This is the Wolf, the time he reveals himself to you. He claims you with softly spoken sounds and words. Touching you grazing his teeth over your soft skin. This is the Wolf.

He picks you up and takes you to the place where he can ravage your senses. He can take everything you offer him, and give all of himself.  You can feel his muscles bunch and the power of his being taking you to all the places you dreamed of.

He takes the gift of your submission in measured tones, ensuring you have all your senses stimulated. He never abuses, or use violence to get what he wants, his desire to complete you his only aim.

Afterwards, he will curl up and draw you to him so he can protect you as you rest and recover. When that is done you can simply breath together and share the love between you. 

This is a Wolf in sheep’s clothes, my Wolf, and the rest of the world will never know the wildness inside him.




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