I am a huge fan of Anais Nin a diarist and writer. She also wrote erotica. It is rumoured that she was into the lifestyle. I just lose myself in her wonderful quotes and I would love to share some with you. She had also written a few books you might want to read.

This is so profound. It also backs up my belief that you create a place for yourself and with a partner, you share that task.

These are such simple words but together they weave a picture that bursts in my mind.

This one for me is really true. Pretence destroys the soul. I did it for far too many years and it drove me to the edge of sanity. Now I am happy there is no need for pretence. I am living life, not just marking time until I die.

I would go a little further. I write to put it down so that I may revisit a moment in time over and over again.

I know this to be true. There was a time I didn’t but now I do.

I do hope these few quotes resonate with you as much as they do with me.


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