This is a new meme to me but I thought I would give it a go.


I find this difficult to talk about. I mean I love sucking cock, more than you can imagine. I put my all into it and I practiced a lot to get better at it. I know my darling S. appreciates my mouth.

I also love eating pussy. It is so vastly different to sucking a cock. It is softer, and brings up different feelings but I respond powerfully to it.

Now, I am a little freakish because I become very uncomfortable when anyone goes down on me. It seems somehow too intimate, like they are getting under my outer layers to the very soul of me.

That being said, my wonderful partner really enjoys going down on me. It is important to him so I had to try and allow my walls to come down.

No one else had taken the time to tenderly try to do that before my partner now. I think he is rather wonderful for taking his time and not pushing me. On saying that I am opening up to do it more. I certainly have nice orgasms but there is that pause before we go there.

The very first time it happened to me I tried to close my legs because I thought it was dirty. I was disciplined for resisting and that is what happened in my first relationship. Over and over. I guess my first relationship was one of those you read about ‘how not to do it’

Now I might pause for a moment, then I do my best to relax. I close my eyes and just experience the nice feelings. Will I ever look forwards to it? I have no clue. Will I ever stop him from doing it, I can only say I will do my best not to.

I also know my darling would never punish me for not being able to do it, let alone if I was reluctant. I also know he is my best hope to help me enjoy it.


4 Comments on “Oral Sex Project

  1. My Queen won’t let me do it unless she feels clean. By that I mean that she has washed first or recently. She is always clean, IMHO, but in her mind she is not. And she’s the boss. I only knew one other woman who didn’t want me to go down on her. She was twice my age and my second lover. I started to once but she tensed up so much that I stopped. I actually regret that I wasn’t able to do that with her, but it only works if both people want it. And it is so important for the woman to be able to relax. It is one of my favourite things. And it is one of the most intimate of connections…


  2. A great number of men deem it important in their sex lives and that is why I am beginning to loosen up with it. S. is very patient. I know I am clean I make certain of that but when you are young you have pretty strange ideas about things. ❤


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