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Lingerie is for everyone

I believe lingerie is for every one and every body. I will also include any man that likes to wear feminine clothing. No exclusions. Lingerie makes a person feel sexy and feminine even if a man. My weakness is for corsets.

I own quite a few corsets from little lacy ones that are purely for show right down to strict control corsets that can be used in bondage.

The more expensive ones I keep in a tissue lined box in my wardrobe, like hidden presents awaiting on being opened. The rest I keep in a drawer.

When I pull out one to wear my fingers lightly trace over the contours of it. Tracing the lines of the stays, lace, or satin. I even have a couple of leather ones and when I open the box, the smell of it rises to touch my senses and I melt. I see pictures in my head from the last time I wore it.

I prefer lace up corsets to hooks. Hooks are fiddly. I do have a yard on the end of my fourposter bed. A yard is a rod with ties that secure it to the bed. You hold onto it and by doing that you stretch out your body and you can lace up your corset tighter.

You must be careful to not tighten your corset too tight as it will compromise your breathing and you can faint. Also you can squash your internal organs so take care.

I am not into waist training and I don’t try to get a tiny waist past what normal with a corset.

I need help lacing up my corset and my darling partner is happy to help.

I love corsets without cups but I have ones with cups and half cups. If the corset is for outerwear you can wear a blouse under your corset if going out.

At this point, with the corset on, I am so aroused I can barely contain myself. I add stockings. and heels. I love the way my ass looks as apposed to my cinched in waist. It makes a tempting target for a damned good spanking or a flogging.

I also like to dress up as a Goth and there are several ways you can use your corsets. My idea of going Goth is a sort of a watered down version. I love wearing black and I love gloves. I love the make-up they use and I can look pretty authentic and my darling S. loves to dress the part with me.

I can happily wear a corset under my outerwear and it makes my clothing hang beautifully on me. It gives me more of an hourglass figure. I love the way it makes me catch my breath. You also walk differently with a corset on. You are more poised, your posture is straighter. You seem to walk in a more sinuous way.

My arousal doesn’t diminish after wearing a corset for a couple of hours, in fact it is greater. I adore my corsets and I am thankful I could afford some of the more expensive ones.

The last thing about corsets is if you buy a pretty lace one with stays, you will react to it and sometimes it will take you by surprize. Corsets come in many price brackets and there is no reason you can’t get one for yourself. For all you guys out there, watch The Rocky Horror Show to see the corset Tim Rice wore. I thought he looked very sexy in it.


6 Comments on “Lingerie is for Everyone

  1. collaredmichael I agree with you about them fitting properly and for the most I have had mine made for me. I am very short and it is hard to buy anything off the rack. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting corset. You need to be able to move in them without sore spots. This was an important comment thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. minnie, look for any place that sells Goth clothing. You need to have accurate measurements including the length you want. Look on line as there are some nice corsets there. If you just want a lacy one with stays you can get them in most underwear shops. If you look a lot of corset makers will be found around major cities. If you get someone to make you one they will get your measurements accurately. Bridal shops also sell corsets if you don’t mind white. I would encourage you to buy the best one you can afford and it will last you much longer. If you want to incorporate bondage in it, some steel D rings can be stitched onto the corset but make it firm. Hope this helps. ❤ ❤ ❤


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