Well as you all must be aware I have gone crazy writing Meme’s but by doing that I have not done a journal entry to say Hi! to everyone. I also miss doing it.

Right now I have a lousy cold and I asked S. to take me out to the top paddock and shoot me but we don’t even own a gun. I know an American without a gun, go figure. He had to check what a paddock was and yes my Aussie words do challenge him but he has learned so much so far.

Photo curtesy of Pexels

Eroticon has come and gone but being as we aren’t in England we really didn’t feel up to going. Perhaps next year. I read all of the ways they keep your identity secure and that impressed me. If you wish you can use your blogging name. There are ways they try to ensure you don’t get photographed unless you wish to be.

I have to admit that a week in London does sound nice.

Well Nijntje you are right about this kitten not having sex all the time. It is hard to be passionate when you are coughing all the time and you can’t exactly ask your partner if you can blow your nose during a crucial moment. I also suck at holding my breath for kissing and I am concerned about snotty bubbles. Instead of orgasming I am certain my head would explode. I feel akin to a hag fish…. there is so much mucus coming out of me.

Poor S. is madly trying not to catch the cold from me. I am wishing him good luck with that. He is so touchy feely and will insist on having kisses. He has been very sweet and taking care of me. However he won’t let me have a bell, I have no idea why.

For all you romantic lifestyle people out there looking for the dream. This is the reality. Life won’t be tucked away so you can be in scenes all the time. Mind you I have to admit I am missing that part with us. I have been listless and sighing a lot. I am getting loads of cuddles but if I have to drink another hot lemon and honey I will scream. I loathe it.

Ok enough whinging.

I hope everyone of you are well and happy. I have missed my journal writing so I will try to keep up.

I have to admit though the Meme’s are really fun to do and I would encourage you to go look at them and maybe even enter some yourselves.


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