This is about Awkward Moments

Oh this is a bad one for me as awkwardness seems to dog my life. You could say I am totally awkward.

I am also clumsy so if there is a crease in the air near the floor I will trip over it. However I don’t think that is what you are asking for so I will concentrate on times I say or do something to let myself down. When I was young I was always putting my foot in my mouth or I misunderstood what was asked of me. When I was learning about the lifestyle I sat in awe and some level of disbelief with a peppering of fear.

I think my most awkward moment was when I first had anal sex. I knew physically what was going to happen, I mean penis and said orifice what could go wrong?

Quiet a lot as it happens.

I was told to prepare myself. O…Kay. I sat in a quiet room thinking about what was going to happen. I thought that was preparing, no one explained that procedure. I automatically thought meditate on the action.

Well that seemed so easy to do but whilst thinking about it I was getting as nervous as a kitten. Afraid you might say. Now I know you need to be relaxed for anal and completely ready for it. I was neither.

After I had spent all my time preparing, NOT. I was taken naked, to the room where the scene would take place. I was taken to a table where my torso was bent over it, and my hands were tied to the other end.

My Master had invited a few ‘friends’ around. They all belonged to a lifestyle club. I hated having other people in the room but I was a slave and I couldn’t complain. (Yes I know it was an abusive relationship I was young but now I have an amazing Dominant and he would never do anything like that to me.)

Anyway, and I can laugh about this now but back then I was mortified.

I felt a lubricant being applied to my ass and I just froze. I tensed up and I was told to relax. Yes right, relax.

I could feel the head of my Master’s cock nudging at the target and I clenched my ass so hard, but because the lubricant was on it I pushed his cock out of my butt crack. No matter how he tried I kept freezing up, hiding the target. He yelled at me to relax, as if that helped.

He must have tried ten times but the results were the same. In the end, pardon the pun, he gave up and I simply got a very hard thrashing. I was used to that and it was much safer than what he had proposed.

I do have to add I managed to get over the fear of it and enjoy it immensely now.


9 Comments on “SBMH – Awkward Moments Day.

  1. Oh my. I’ve only had anal with my ex & current husband. Terrified the first time, I was kind of like you. I knew the concept but not everything involved like I do now. Couldn’t really relax with my ex-husband but I did with my current husband. Mr Sam wants a turn but for some reason I’m terrified again, not sure if I’ll get passed those feelings. Thanks for sharing your awkward story.

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    • The best advice I can give is be 100% sure you want to try. If not don’t do it. If you can relax a lot I can let you know the nerves from the clitoris go right around to the anus and it is possible to orgasm from it. Loads of good luck.

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  2. Hmmm. As a male I should start out by saying I’ve never penetrated anyone’s ass. But I have been penetrated. It hasn’t gone great with me—at least with thicker dildos. Thin ones I can handle easily but thicker ones cause bleeding. Always. Still it is a turn on when I’m not bleeding. lol. It’s a pain to do the enema thing though.

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    • I am so sorry that you have had bleeding. Anal is such a touchy subject and lots of people won’t or can’t do it. I hate the thought of anyone being hurt even if it is unintentional, I believe that you are with someone now that would never hurt you by forcing you into this. Thank you for your comment though. I think it is important to see a balanced view of it all. ❤

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  3. I was very green. Being raped I didn’t associate that to sex. That was just violence. I understood that people enjoyed sex. Now it couldn’t be better. [wink]


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