This week for Wicked Wednesday the prompt is Holding Hands.

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This is such a big subject for something so simple but here goes.

Offer me your hand when we are in places where there are masses of people around us, knowing I find it difficult to be in crowds. You reinforce my courage.

Offer me your hand as we drive along, and you will feel my excitement over where we are going. (Only when it is safe.)

Offer me your hand if I am upset. I don’t expect you to solve the problem but your touch means it’s okay to cry.

Offer me your hand when I am excited to show you something I have done. Let me try to rush you and then get caught up in my excitement.

Offer me your hand when I am at the doctors and I am scared of bad news.

Offer me your hand if I am angry and know your touch will soothe me so I can look at the problem from another angle. I will never refuse to take it.

Offer me your hand while we negotiate a new scene or if I am unsure about something. You holding my hand means I am welcome to be totally honest with you.

Offer me your hand and inter-lace your fingers with mine when we just go for a walk.

Offer me your hand when I am nervous or unsure about meeting other people in the lifestyle so everyone knows I am yours and I am shy.

Offer me your hand when someone is nasty or rude to me so that I do not arc up and fight with them. Apply a little pressure so that it tells me fighting is a waste of time with someone like that.

And lastly,

Offer me your hand so you can lead me to the playroom and feel the way mine trembles with excitement.

Your hand means so much to me. You are my safety, my anchor, my rock, my calming force and my deep, deep love.

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16 Comments on “Wicked Wednesday

    • twisted, it is amazing that a small gesture can say I’m here, I am offering my support to you, or simply I love you. The whole thing with touch forges so many links with the person that is touching. My skin is the first part of my arousal. Thanks for your kind comments. ❤


  1. Beautiful and tender sentiments here! Thank you for joining in with Wicked Wednesday and I hope to read more of your work.

    Rebel xox

    PS: Do you have a twitter handle so I can credit you when I tweet links?


    • Rebel thank you for your kind words. I don’t have a twitter account, I know hard to believe. I find I have my hands full with my emails lol. I will give it some thought though.


  2. Love this, so many facets to being people together. This piece makes me glad I’m not alone and lonely.


  3. Alethea thank you for your kind words. It is wonderful that we can come here and just relax and make contact with so many super lifestylers. It really does provide us with a chance to have contact with others. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. I like the thoughts this provoked, and the relationship it conveys. Beautiful.


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