This weeks prompt is Gone Awry


I and my darling man have had times where things have gone awry. We have fantasies but when involved it is nothing like the original fantasy. I mean S. is a dedicated rope man and I am his rope bunny. We will want to try something but my body is not lithe and perfect. I have broken bits like my knees and they don’t bend like they should so many rope ties are impossible. We make a lot of changes if necessary but if it still goes awry we usually laugh our heads off over it. Usually then we will revert to a tie that we both know works. Humour goes hand in hand with our sex life. There is no reason you can’t solve a problem with a little chuckle.

If we are going to try something in impact play some things make me nervous. When young I was whipped with a bull whip. It was painful and one of the worse things in my life, so when my darling S. told me he was making a bull whip I froze. It was on my list of hard limits.

To go into my fear so he gathered me up and we talked and talked and finally I told him what happened to me. He looked at me and his eyes soften. Very gently he asked, ‘Have I ever hurt you beyond your limits?’

I was crying but I shook my head. I have to say that he had me on his lap talking to me softly. Not once did he sound harsh or mean. We have good communication. He asked me if I thought he could even go close to that. He had never pushed any of my levels in impact play.

He then told me why he had picked the bull whip to make. He had made me a shorter whip but it wasn’t something he felt comfortable using, it was hard to control. He wanted to make the bull whip because he had researched all about it and it came highly recommended by other whip makers.

He then told me he would try it on himself first as he had with the smaller whip. No he isn’t into pain but he felt it was vital that he knew what it felt like. He tried the smaller one and the fall hit him in the groin by accident and that took his breath away. I am sorry but I giggled.

I actually agreed to let him use the bull whip on me but he said we would do pain levels to guide him and if I hated it he would never use it again on me. That is how we move on from things going wrong.

We solve things with humour and communication.


4 Comments on “Food for Thought.

  1. Well I did try to word it with a little more delicacy but yours was more cut to the chase. I love you darling and thankfully the aforementioned appendages suffered no permanent injury. ❤ ❤ ❤


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