This is a subject deep in my sexuality. So I thought I would give it a go.

When I was a teen I really didn’t have the chance to get love bites because I didn’t get into a M/s relationship until I was eighteen and my Master didn’t like them. I also didn’t date when younger.

I must say that the following writing and Primal subject is done by us after a lot of negotiations and a great deal of trust in my man. It is considered edge play, and that means it gets close to the boundary between acceptable and just violence. I am not ashamed of my Primal part of me and I have found a man that shares it with me. I would never do it with someone I didn’t know well. As things stand I would only ever do it with my darling S. It is not a big part of me but it is a part of my sexuality.

I wrote the story below a while ago and thought it might fit with the subject.



I watched him lean into my neck and I welcome the kiss I thought was coming. Instead of gentle lips he sucked hard, marking me with a love bite, which has me panting. Then his teeth sinks into my flesh leaving the mark of his teeth behind. I push away from him once the bite is done and move away from him.

We circle each other around the fire between us, both of us seeing that look in our eyes. The fire emblazons the raging inferno that is our desire. It makes us pant, snarl and circle the fire. This can’t be contained nor smothered by words, as they are like water. The fire turns water to steam in an instant.

These savage feelings are too powerful to be denied, they won’t be denied. Suddenly he pounces like a ebony panther and jumps through the flames and knocks me off my feet. His teeth sink into my shoulder and I scream. Not in pain but in furious acknowledgement that he has me at a disadvantage. My long nails gouge along his back, leaving livid welts that forces his head up and he howls at the moon.

I wrap one leg around his and flip him off me and end up straddling him. This is a fight, a contest and a vicious fuck. There is no quarter given or taken as we roll in the dirt. I lift my hand and slap his face and he bucks me off him. He puts his forearm over my throat and snarls, ‘You fucking bitch.’

He mauls my breasts. First one then the other. He torments my nipples, pinching them hard trying to make me cry out. I gruffly say, ‘Bastard.’

He grins and bares his teeth at me. I rake my nails down his arm and he removes it from my throat. I roll away from him and he pulls me back by my ankles, belly on the floor. My nails drag in the dirt trying to find purchase so I stop from getting closer. He wrenches my legs open and pulls me until my sex is against his body. My sweat slicked body is covered in dirt. His hands drag me up onto my knees and then he forces my head into the dirt. I am breathing hard, sending little puffs of dust into the air. I can feel dirt in my mouth. I can feel his hard cock nudging at my cunt. I am dripping wet and as soon as he tries to enter me he sees it, feels it on his cock.

‘Such a filthy little whore.’ Then he drives his cock deep into me.

I scream loudly, almost howling in rage. I fight back in the only way I can. I fuck back by driving harder on his large cock and wiggle my ass like a bitch in heat. He laughs and slaps my ass hard and uncompromisingly. Then he grips my hips with hands made of cold, hard steel and relentlessly pounds my body.

I can feel my body responding and I curse the treachery of my senses. I refuse to beg for release and cum when I feel the need. My orgasm rips through me, making me squirt hard. He drives in me hard so he can feel the ripples of pleasure. Then the pounding continues. He reaches for my hair and wraps most of it his fist. He pulls it so I am forced to move back to him. He continues with his animal rutting and I am loving every moment of it. I scream out with every lunge pushing back to meet him. My cunt aches, I cum over and over. My thighs are twitching and his free hand is slapping my ass as hard as he can.

There is no compromise, no give and take, just need. Now he is grunting in effort to mark the point where he is about to find his own pleasure. My ass is burning, his cock bludgeons my body. I orgasm loudly and he takes one punishing stroke and spills his seed inside me.

We collapse in a heap and lay tangled together, gasping for air. The animalistic nature of our love is once more sated. He draws me close and holds me until I can breathe normally. He kisses the spot where the indent of his bite sits and he then whispered in my ear, ‘I love you. Did I hurt you?’

‘No my love not at all. Did I hurt you?’

‘Not at all.’

I giggle then whisper, ‘I will have to try harder next time then darling.’

His rich chuckle rises up in his chest and he kisses my lips oh so softly.

The savages within us both are sated for a while.

And it started with a love bite.


8 Comments on “KOTW-Love Bites

  1. So fucking HOT. I do love a good fight/struggle fuck and this is so utterly delicious. Thank you for sharing it with Kink of the Week, and YAY for love bites being the trigger



    • Ria, thank you so much for your kind words. Primal turns normally shy people into animals and I love that. I am not much of a switch but I am primal and my darling S, loves it when we match each other’s wildness. ❤ ❤ ❤


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