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Parallel- Done after the closure

As she sat at her desk, working on the computer, reading quotes for the building of a new shopping mall she battled to concentrate. She was dressed in a black skirt suit that sat loosely around her body. She is middle management and was required to uphold a standard of dress and was a good person for the younger women to emulate. She worked hard, often into the evening making sure her work load did not build up too much. She was ambitious and thankfully this office encourage it. She had her own office and a personal assistant too.

Work wise she was very happy but today she was shuffling around in her seat, and beads of sweat formed on her top lip. She was used to giving orders and having them obeyed. However there was another side to her that her workmates didn’t know about. They would be so shocked if they had known.

She was finding it hard to stop squirming but a phone call jolted her back to the office work.

‘Samantha Hughes here, how may I help you?’

‘Do you still have it on?’ a deep and husky male voice asked.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat and she whispered, ‘Yes.’

‘Good girl. Will you be home on time tonight?’

‘Yes.’ She looked around nervously to see if anyone was watching her. She was safe.

‘Before you get into the car, let your hair down and put on lipstick, the deep red one.’


‘Yes what?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good girl. Now get on with your work because I don’t want to have wait longer for you.’

‘Yes, Sir.’ She heard the phone line close and she put the phone down.

Now her cheeks were burning and her hands were shaking. She felt her sex melt and her arousal was complete. Of course what she wore under her suit felt tighter.

She trudged her way through the rest of the afternoon and had just about cleared her work. She closed down her computer and tidied her desk before walking from her office. As she closed the door she left behind her working persona. This was a clearly defined part of her life, though it wasn’t all of her life. There was a second life that ran parallel to this one and it was much harder to define.

She made her way to the bathroom and after making sure she is along she let down her hair so it tumbled down her back. Then wet her hands with cold water and rubbed her neck to cool her down. Samantha applied her dark lipstick and it made her lips look swollen with need, and they were. She undid the top three buttons of her crisp white blouse and caught sight of the top coil of rope. It was a chest harness that enfolded he torso. It had a crotch rope that moved across her clitoris and when she walked it teased her close to orgasm. Going from the restroom to her car was going to be an ordeal because she had been told not to cum. Several times she had to stop and wait until her sex calmed down. She prayed people didn’t notice.

Knowing what was waiting for her when she got home did nothing to help the situation. This was going to be one long drive.


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