The prompt this week is a different one and it had me thinking hard about them and I read the prompt again and after talking to S. I now have some good things to write about… so here goes.


My first thought was to say oysters but not because I think they are necessarily an aphrodisiac but because normally you get them in a great restaurant and I love to dress up to go there. So really dressing up in something sexy does it for me. I also know when I do dress up S. loves it and once we leave the restaurant all bets are off.

I am also turned on by sexy lingerie. Even under jeans and a t-shirt, I know I am wearing them and it excites me beyond belief. Mind you the lack of underwear is just as erotic.

I am a Taurus and I love to wear perfume. (Este Lauder, Knowing or Joop.) If I do put it on I love the way I am more in tune with my senses. I do know perfume is one of S.’s aphrodisiacs and he will hang around me, burrowing into my neck and drawing in the smell. He likes to wear cologne too and Joop on him has me following him around. The rest of what happens then you can work out.

Neither S. or I drink alcohol and I can’t say when I did drink there was any especially arousing kind of drink that did it for me. I don’t like drunk sex and never have. It leaves you too vulnerable. I also shy away from people that are drunk.

There is one thing that has always turned me on and that is talking with a smart man. S. is very intelligent and we can talk on every level.

There is one thing that turns my legs to jelly and it is S.’s wonderful accent and team that with his crooked grin and twinkling eyes it sure makes for a massive effect on me. Even after all this time it hits me all the time. He loves my Aussie accent and it has the same effect on him too. He has told me I must never lose my accent.

Shopping for toys turns me on greatly. Funny thing is if we go to the hardware store and I see rope and things like that I get very aroused which makes us both laugh. So if he wants to turn me on he can take me to the hardware store.

So I am not sure this is what you wanted for the prompt but it is all I could think of.


5 Comments on “FFT-Aphrodisiacs

      • LoL touche …. I hear yah! Those are fun to raise eyebrows at or tease but i like the tools themselves as well. *wink*
        i’ve never been a ‘shopper’ but i’ve never turned down the hardware store! lol

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  1. I am a writer and the power of words, I believe is totally underrated. I like to try to paint pictures with words. Doing it brings me such joy. Thank you for your kinds words. ❤


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