Once more we have come to the part of the week we rack our brains for answers to TMI. I am enjoying it very much. This one made me really think hard about the answers to some of them. I would encourage everyone to have a go because of the fun factor. It never hurts to look inside our memories. Also go back to the TMI site and read what others wrote.

TMI Tuesday blog

So here we go…

1. What curse word do you use the most?

I don't like to curse but I do, but normally I use the softer ones like shit, bugga, bloody hell. I have been known to use the F bomb on rare occasions. If this also means during certain scenes with S. then I swear like a drunken sailor.

2. Would you rather take a picture or be in a picture?

This is a difficult one for me. I have a phobia of being in photo's because of something that happened a long time ago. Photos of me ended up in a horrible place and my trust was completely shattered. There was nothing I could do about them. S. has been gently trying to get me past it. He is an amazing photographer and much better than me. However I do enjoy taking happy snaps.

3. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Why did they say that?

Yes. I had both knees replaced and it took me forever to get mobile again due to complications. I was talking about how my daughter does the cooking for me. The person I was talking to said I was being lazy and I should not be relying on her. It took nothing to cook a meal so why was she still having to do it? The fact I could not stand up for more than 2 minutes because of the pain didn't fit her beliefs on the subject and she called me lazy. She is now an ex friend. Now also I have my darling S.to help out.

4. Have you ever dated or slept with a neighbour? How did things turn out?

I have never slept with a neighbour. 1. I never had people I found attractive or had a personality I found sexy living next door. 2. I wouldn't sleep with someone that close because I would never be able get away from that person if we broke up. I have never even dated them.

5. Have you ever broken up with a significant other then “cheated” with that same person while they were in a relationship with someone else?

Oh this is a pit of vipers. If you are polyamorous then I can see how this might happen but you used the word cheated which means it is deceitful. I would never cheat in a relationship unless my partner knew about it and said it was ok. I feel so very strongly about cheating and the heartbreak it brings. Won't go there. I am in a deeply loving relationship and I would do nothing to jeopardise it.

Bonus: Tell us something good.

I am reading this as something sexy I guess so here goes.

I love dressing up. I love to go out dressed to the nines, if the situation calls for it I will do the long evening dress, corset, stockings, long gloves with my hair up. Now you are talking to a girl that loves jeans and T's but to dress like this is oh so feminine. I love to dress as a Goth as it appeals to my darker moods even S. will dress Goth too. I love garter belts and lacy lingerie. I have a few different costumes for play. French maid, 50's lady, cheerleader, teacher, Prostitute to name a few. S. adores it when I dress up. Oh I have boots, long boots like on Pretty Woman and I have quite a few pairs of high heels. I also love to wear the signs of my submissiveness. Collar, and I have quite a few of those. I have different ones because I always like to wear one and I have one for every occasion. I also wear manacles but normally I wear leather ones that S. has made me and they have a D ring in them so I can be bound whenever and wherever. In Australia it is normal for people to wear them if they are Bikers or Bogans. Now all our Aussie readers will understand what I am describing but for the rest of you Bogons are harder to describe. I think if I say Rednecks it is close to what they are. I also love latex and leather.

Clothing is an under-rated aphrodisiac. I am a person that reacts to touching and clothes caress my skin. Silks and satin feel amazing on my skin. If you have never tried it, have a go and enjoy yourself.


8 Comments on “T.M.I.

  1. Lol I forgot to put something in question 1. My darling S. has taught me the wonderful swear word of Motherfucker and I use it sparingly under certain circumstances. If I am letting out some secrets darling I will have to stop doing meme’s….. nah I like doing them. Love you baby.


  2. Gotta love a woman who likes to play dress up! 😛
    3. – so glad you defriended that idiot!
    4.2 – so right! one should never shit in one’s own nest!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hate how people judge others (with respect to the lazy question). I had foot surgery, but you can’t tell that looking at me today. Some days I can run errands and go to three stores with no problems. Other days I can barely get out of bed and need to use the electric cart at the grocery store. No one has said anything to me, but I see the looks. It’s so frustrating how people judge when they don’t even know!

    I’m glad you’re on the mend and that you have S to help you out!


    • When I see someone in an electric cart I know that person needs it. Call me naive. I have a trolley with a seat that I use when I hurt bad. Not one person should be judged for these things because I know damned well if I could do it without my trolley I would. I am forty years old and there are times I feel ninety.
      Thank you for your comment jrvincente ❤ ❤ ❤


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