Ok guys the recent couple of posts have been really serious so I thought I would write something a little lighter. It is time for a few chuckles.

Not everything we do is serious and my beloved S. makes me laugh so much. Even in some scenes we laugh. I get tickled and I laugh so much I have to warn him I will pee if he keeps doing that. I think he takes great pleasure in that or perhaps grins at the control he has over me.

Often when we are getting into bondage and S. is carefully winding the rope around me, I am aroused because he kisses me and caresses my body but even then we laugh. If he ties something and it doesn’t work I say oops and giggle. He will give me a play frown and then laugh too.

If he is chasing me around I run laughing all the time until he catches me then things change. Everyone knows I am doofus by now and I am a clumsy doofus. I have told you I am no professional stripper more an enthusiastic amateur and the pole is my downfall. More than that it is my nemesis. I have leaned out from it and my hand slips off and I fall. I have attempted to do a move with sweaty hands and I have been known to slide down it when I didn’t mean to. Hehehe I don’t let that stop me. When younger I did take pole dancing as a kind of more interesting than aerobics. Oh my body has changed so much. My muscles have got softer but my legs are still strong ~ evil wink ~.

I have been known to plan a really romantic dinner with loads of candles. Trouble is a couple of the meals I have burned or they looked nothing like they were supposed to. We have sat down to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of the promised fancy meal. We both try to keep straight faces on and we just can’t.

I also have a food nemesis. Because I am from Australia, I SHOULD be able to make a pavlova. The trouble is, no matter how I try, it ends up as a disaster. I did manage to get one that looked right, however, with one tiny touch from a fork, yes I was taking a chance, the crust shattered into a million pieces and in the centre was a big ball of gloopy mess. I touched that with the fork and it stuck to it and even when I tried to shake it off it was stuck fast. Does anyone know where I can buy a Pavlova shell? No don’t, I am diabetic dammit!

What I am trying to say is this is fun people, it’s serious but it doesn’t have to be mirthless. I find laughter a strong aphrodisiac.


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