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The prompt for this week is Astonish

Why not take a look at the site and perhaps take part in it.

Oh I completely stuffed this up as I wrote about the wrong prompt but I will leave it here with the link to Wicked Wednesday. Trust me to get it wrong hehehehehehe.

This one had me thinking really hard for a direction to go and I was trying to find reference points where I was truly astonished. Then it hit me…

When younger I was a long distance runner and I practiced every day. Running was a joy, the only time I felt free and it somehow helped my mental well being.

Then it changed.

I have to say here something happened to me that really set back my sexual development so when I say I was sexually stunted I really mean it. I was running one day and something really strange started to happen to me. There was a gathering heat between my legs, and I had no idea what it was. If I stopped running it stopped too but the feelings urged me to run again.

It seemed to melt me and my brain was working overtime, what is happening why does running now make me feel… hot, tense, delicious? I had done this hundreds of times and nothing like this had happened to me.

I was running and running, faster all the time but the feelings were so intense they scared me so I stopped running for that day. Was I dying? Having a stroke, oh I had a million thoughts about it. I didn’t understand why my body was completely disappointed.

I walked home dejectedly and went to have a shower. Under the hot jets I leaned against the wall. I rubbed soap onto my breasts and under my armpits but my skin felt alive. I washed my belly and butt then I have no idea why my fingers slid between the lips of my sex. They brushed against my clitoris and I almost jumped a mile. It was so sensitive and left me panting. sensations spiralled in me and I had no idea why but I didn’t want it to stop.

My fingers had a mind of their own and somehow knew what to do. My belly was clenching and rolling. My thighs were tensing . Oh god what is happening to me? My arousal was rocketing but I really didn’t understand what was happening. I just knew I couldn’t stop like I had when I was running.

‘Oh god, oh god’ My fingers slide over my swollen clit. I am rigid. It is so hard to keep my fingers moving. I felt like I was dying and bursting open at the same time.

I knew I was close to something but what, I had no idea. Then when my breath is held in, my muscles are bunched and my fingers are working overtime, something happened.

Then I had my first orgasm. Orgasm is such a small word to describe what happened. My belly rolled, I closed my legs to trap my hand just where it was and my hips pumped. I cried out as the sensations swamped me. I was panting for air.

It quite frankly, astonished me and I knew it would always astonish me.


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