Tell Me About … Orgasms #3

Posted on March 3, 2019 by missy

We had some great posts last time about vulnerability and the way it affects us. It was lovely to see such a variety and to read so many thought-provoking pieces.  This week we are hoping to heat things up a bit with our new prompt.


Yes, Yes, Yes. This week we are asking you to tell us about orgasms.  Posts can be on any aspect of the topic. Have your orgasms changed? What sort of orgasms do you have?  How do you use orgasms within your dynamic? Are they controlled or forced or can you come on command. We want to know as much as you are willing to share, so please come along and join the fun.

Ah, the magical part of any sexual relationship is the almighty orgasm. It is, or should be, the pinnacle of sex for both partners. I know I have different types of orgasm and enjoy all of them.

There is one thing I want to also say that on rare occasions I have not had an orgasm during sex. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the interlude with my darling S. There is a time we have sex that is mainly for S. I have told him I enjoy being fucked hard and quickly. It means he can use me and in MY submission and I find it super sexy. It might not be the same for all people.

It is the aim of S. to give me lots of orgasms before he has his. That I think is the true for a lot of Dominants. When we are fucking I build up to an orgasm and then it is like a tidal wave of amazing sensations. After that, I will continue to build up and have those tidal waves over and over. I am blessed because I can cum over and over and not every woman can. That isn’t uncommon.

Forced Orgasms.

Oh, being tied down and being unable to stop the wand or whatever device is being used on you, is delicious for me. The first couple of orgasms are wonderful, then the nature of the sensations change. Your clit becomes so over sensitive and the orgasms take longer to happen. You want to close your legs, to stop the onslaught. Yes I have my safe word but I never use it. Being helpless makes this so intense. The reason I never use my safe word is because my beloved S. knows when to stop simply from the noises I make. The only way I can describe the sensation of these orgasms is almost painful.


I have something strange that happens to me when I masturbate. I have an nice orgasm but it only subsides a bit and then I go back to the point of when I am ready to orgasm again. I only have to touch the outer lips of my sex to orgasm again so it is a build up, explosion, then need again. It frustrates me. This can go on for a long while and personally never reaches the point of being sated. Even if I get up and walk I orgasm from the movement of my legs.

When I orgasm with my partner I am always sated and so is he. I want to also say S. can hold back and have a series of small orgasms during sex but he doesn’t ejaculate. He likes the sensations but it is something men have to practice.

Ripple Orgasms

These are very much like the masturbating ones. When in a scene with S. I come many times and often it gets to the point that I can’t stop orgasming as one slips into the next.

Orgasms on command

I can orgasm on command most times during sex but it does depend on how aroused I am. Usually it happens when I am begging to cum and S. says no but a short while after he will say cum for me. His voice becomes the final point of no return with my orgasms.


The last thing I will talk about is squirting orgasms. Some ladies actually squirt when they cum and it can get quite messy ~ wink ~. It can be very natural or can be embarrassing for the lady. Some women try really hard to stop it. Some people think it is a product of poor bladder control some say it is the activation of the glands beside the clitoris. They can be ones that include the G spot stimulation or even just be something that happens. I would always warn a lover if it is the first time you are having sex with them. All I know is that when it happens to me it makes my orgasm more intense.

So that is my take on my own orgasms and what can happen to other people. Orgasms are a wonderful and a pinnacle of the art of sex. I love them and S. loves to watch me having them however it isn’t the only reason I have sex. Sex is the reflection of the love I feel for my man, my Dominant and my confidante.


3 Comments on “TMA…Orgasms

  1. Thank you for sharing different experiences. It is nice to read that although an orgasm is an orgasm in name, the approach and result are very unique to the owner!


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