Sex dreams: many of us have had them at one time or another. Sometimes they involve a partner, sometimes a celebrity crush, sometimes a complete stranger and sometimes a “real-life” crush. Usually, all very well… perhaps innocent isn’t quite the word, but harmless fun. Sometimes, the object of our semi-somnolent desire can be extremely inappropriate, a colleague, an authority figure, a best friend or someone that the idea of just gives you shivers (and not the good kind).


So, this week, what we want to know is:

How regularly, if at all, does sex occur in your dreams?

Is there a recurring partner in these dreams?

Who is the most inappropriate person to have featured in a sex dream? 

If you have had a sex dream about a friend, did you tell them? How did they react?

To join in, write a post on your thoughts on this question and simply click on the “Add your link” button and fill out the details below.

Within Dreams.

I dream a great deal and I often dream about sex but it is nothing like the sex life I have now. It can be quite bizarre and with people I do not recognize. I occasionally have sex dreams about celebrities but never of the traditional heroes and good looking men or women. I once dreamed I had sex with Gandalf which was weird because you never fuck with Gandalf and Ian McClennen is gay. Just for one night he batted for the other team.

When young I had something awful happen to me and it was of a sexual attack and unfortunately I get recurring nightmares. They are awful and take me back to a place of pain.

However, I do have sexy dreams perhaps once a month. I always share them with my beloved S. and he takes notes ~ giggling ~. I love it when he is in them. They are sizzling and wonderful. I wake up from them so aroused it normally leads to sex with my darling man.

The strangest dream I ever had was one when it was all about the sensations of sex. I could feel every moment of it. I saw no one else. I was in complete blackness and I could feel hands on me but I wasn’t afraid. I could even feel a penis inside me. I was so aroused I began to orgasm and I woke up still cumming. And no my partner wasn’t touching me.

Dreams for me are just my brain trying to prosses information in a safe way. I don’t allot a great deal of thoughts of symbolism to them. Most sexual dreams for me are pleasant and fleeting. However I love it when they spill over to the real world.


2 Comments on “Food For Thought

  1. Sorry to hear about the nightmares, and the experience behind them. I’m glad that dreams can sometimes give you a nice escape.


  2. The thing with adversity is it can make you feel weak and ineffectual OR it can make you stronger. Neither of those things is the right way to feel All you can do is deal with it the best way you can. If anyone out there is trying to get on with life after a rape or violent crime then don’t try to do it all on your own. Reach out for help and grasp onto it with both hands. You are not alone. I did that and it helped me so much. Thank you so much for your comment ! 🙂


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