This week’s prompt is Hands.

It is evening and Michael has promised me a wonderful surprise. He picked my black evening dress that is backless. I choose to wear my long necklace but I put the longest part of it down my back. It the front it is like a glittering choke. I wear my little diamond stud earrings and just my watch. I hate to wear too much jewellery as I prefer a much more simple look. I am wearing nothing under the dress and my breasts are soft and round. My nipples are standing proud and I wonder as I look at myself in the mirror. I am still shocked when I look at myself like this. It is somewhat of a rarity for me to dress so formally. I am a jeans and tee sort of a girl.

Not me

I am not one for wearing lots of make up so I apply just a whisper of lip colour and some mascara. My cheeks are rosy enough. I honestly think Michael prefers me this way.

I walk out of the dressing room and go downstairs to where Michael is waiting for me. He is dressed like every submissive’s fantasy. Black suit, black shirt, and a colourful blue tie. He takes my breath away when he dresses like this. He is putting on his gold cufflinks and I notice his hands. They are nimble and effortlessly gets his cuffs straight.

Oh those hands. I sigh deeply. I know what those hands are capable of. They have caressed me, spanked me, pinched me and simply read my body as he would braille.

For the longest time he looks at me and his eyes are bright. That little crooked grin shines from his face and I blush. Even after all this time I still blush.

We begin our journey and as he drives his hand sits gently on my thigh. It isn’t to claim me, or to turn me on, it is just something he likes to do. It feels oh so warm and little electric pulses seem to press into my skin from that magical hand.

We go to town and I suddenly realize where we are going. Le Chateau, a French restaurant we both adore. As we walk along to the door his hand rests on my lower back. Michael pushes open the restaurant door and his hand still touches my skin. It is warm and gentle. I know it is saying to the world ‘She is mine.’ I ignore all of that and just feel the sensations of his hand on my back. I can feel the fingers and even the pads of each one. The contact is complete.

It is like time stops and everyone seems to be staring. The warmth of his caress is electrifying and I don’t see what others are doing. We are shown to our table and Michael pulls out a chair for me. He sits down opposite me and simply smiles. All I can feel is the place he touched me and it feels like his hand is still there. My eyes are closed and he whispers, ‘Everything okay Cara?’

My eyes open and that crooked grin is on his face. That knowing one that sees inside of me. Oh he knows exactly what is going on with me.

Oh tonight is going to be amazing I can tell.


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