I have posed for erotic photographs with mixed reactions. In my early life, pictures were taken of me and I had no control over what was done with them. I looked very young in those days and I found them on a site that mortified me. Once my Master/husband died I swore I would never let that happen to me again. Please realize that even if you post a picture and take it down again, they can spread around the lifestyle sites and internet for years to come.

I can now reveal, I don’t mind them and I know S. would never post them without my agreement. Ok, now that is all out there I will do my post and as Wicked Wednesday subject matter will link back to their site for you to visit.


The Erotic Photographs.

Tessa walked into studio behind her good friend Polly. Polly had asked if she would sit for a number of erotic pictures for a competition she is eager to win.

Tessa watch her walking around the room getting lighting and her cameras ready. She quietly says to her friend, ‘I can’t do naked.’

‘That is the whole point about erotic you don’t have to be naked to be able to draw in the person looking at the photograph.’

‘Please don’t show my face either.’

Polly comes over to her friend and stands in front of her. ‘I promised you I would not show your face and tell me a time I have ever lied to you.’


‘Then trust me.’


‘Now take off your clothes’ she says with a broad smile. ‘Keep on your bra and panties. Trainers and socks off please.’

Tessa stands up and wriggles out of her clothes, folding them and placing them on a chair across the room.

Polly says, without looking over at Tessa, ‘ sit on the edge of the bed for me.’

Tessa shivers slightly and feels the rise of goose bumps on her skin and she rubs her flesh to try and get rid of them. She crosses her arms over her chest and holds her arms tightly.

Polly turns and gasps softly as her friend has worn some spectacular lingerie in a bright red which is in stark contrast to her pail. flawless skin. She wants to shoot in black and white but such a vibrant colour deserves to be seen and Polly knows she will leave the underwear in that hot colour.

Shaking her head Polly asks her friend to let down her long black hair and shake it all free. She does as she is bid and it falls like a shawl down her shoulders to her waist in deep waves. She then reaches for her friends mane of hair and drapes it over one shoulder. She asks Tessa to put her elbows on her knees and look at the floor. She eased her friends knees apart and then goes back to change the lighting. The light from the window comes through shutters to play wonderful shadows across Tessa’s body.

The image is so evocative. It could have looked like a tired pose but something in Tessa made it look strong and powerfully erotic.

The camera captures a few shots with Polly asking Tessa to move in certain ways. Each time Polly looks out from behind the camera seeing how her friend actually looks but through the lens she is pure magic.

Next Polly asks Tessa to lay down on the bed and she adjust the pose with pillows forming something undulating and powerful. She turns her face towards the camera and then asks her to put the back of her hand on her cheek which covers the lower half of her face. Polly moves back to her position and checks the shot. She gasps softly.

‘Is anything wrong Pol?

‘Nothing wrong. You will not believe how good you look.’

The camera seems to be capturing the soul of the woman. She takes several more shots and then has an idea. She puts her camera on a nearby stand then walks over to Tessa. She takes away the pillows around her and has her lay straight. She then says, ‘Pull one foot up and let it flop to the bed.

Tessa is a little hesitant but then does as she is asked. Polly battles the moan that is rising in her throat. There is a damp patch in her panties. Tessa is enjoying this, more than Polly could ask for. Softly she asks, ‘ Will you just slip your right hand fingertips under the band of your panties for me? Not deep, just a little.’

Tessa says nothing but does as she asked.

Shooting from the bottom of the bed, Polly captures every nuance of her body. Once she is done she tells Tessa to get up and dress if she wants.

Polly took the memory stick to her computer and looks through what she has taken in a larger format. She doesn’t hear Tessa come up behind her as she is so engrossed in the pictures.

‘Are those me?’ says Tessa in a shocked voice. She could see it was her but without showing her face, the shot played tricks on her mind.

Polly showed her friend every shot but Tessa was silent when she saw the last. To break the silence Polly asks, ‘Don’t you want me to show that one?’

Tessa’s mouth opens but for several moments she asks, ‘That isn’t how I look is it?’

‘Yes’ and Polly’s voice is as quiet as her friend’s.

Tessa very quietly said, ‘You may share what you want of them.’

‘Will you pose for me again?’

‘If you can make me look like that again, then yes I will.’ Then both girls begin to laugh brightly.


This one is a bit long for Wicked Wednesday so I might try again at a later day.

3 Comments on “The Erotic Photographs

  1. Darling that was the right length of wicked even if I had to wait for Saturday morning for it.


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