I think this is another post about body image or is it? Why is it so difficult to say positive things about ourselves? I can look in a mirror and at best I can think, ‘Yeah, I’m not bad.’ I look at my body and think ‘I guess it is ok.’

What would people think if you said, ‘Yes I am pretty’, or even I have a great body.’ Well for one people would think I am full of myself.

I am ever watchful of my ass. Is it too fat? Do my jeans make my ass look fat? Is my belly getting flabby? You know all of the questions that runs through a woman’s mind.

S. loves the way I look and he thinks I am pretty. I just think he is blinded by love. See the pattern?

But hang on a minute….

What is important? My ass, my breasts, my face…. none of them? As you age they change and nothing can alter that fact. I still find a sixty year old’s body beautiful. But really think about this, I like to think of beauty as in the heart, the mind and the soul. I think kindness is beautiful, intelligence can even be beautiful. Your actions and deeds can show your beauty. I try everyday to be good to others. I want to show kindness and positive thoughts.

I can look in the mirror and say you acted beautifully today and not feel like I am boasting. I can feel the kindness feeding my soul. These kinds of things are what you can share with friends.

To me this is true beauty, not how big my ass is. I will just leave the body watching to my darling S.

S. and K.

4 Comments on “Why can’t I say I’m pretty?

  1. I 100% feel the same way. I look in the mirror and feel the same way you do. When someone tells me I’m beautiful, I think they’re blinded by love. I totally get it.


  2. So, where do I start, you were right this morning when you said I would have things to say and I’ve been thinking most of the day about just what to say. First I’m not blinded by love, objectively I can say your a beautiful woman. Your more so to me because I love you it only enhance what was already there. You see I can say that because of the way I got to know you we talked for sometime before it ever dawned on me to ask what you looked like and I enjoyed your company without the pressure of beauty. That was a nice surprise. Now as far as self image. Like the old cigarette add used to say you’ve come a long way baby! And I’m proud of you. Your gorgeous inside and out my darling girl and I love you

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    • I think the key to getting past this blindness is to let go of what people think is beautiful. Even so I prefer to let people form their own opinion of me instead of trying to do it myself. When my darling S. looks at me I see the love in his eyes and figure I must be doing something right lol. Thanks for your feedback.


    • Thank you darling. I can’t really say much other than thank you. I am blessed to have your love and I feel it every moment of every day. Love you more darling ❤ ❤ ❤


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