I slip into the darkened bedroom, alone and before my darling. I remove all of my clothing then draw back the duvet and sheet and slip into the cool cocoon of fabric. I cover myself and my limbs become serpentine sliding across the cool fabric seeking out every cool patch in the bed. I slide to my lover’s side, moving my legs and arms, seeking, sucking up the cool whisper of the sheet. Like some hot creature I warm up his side of the bed.

I roll and writhe languorously, finding my skin cooling down. It is a welcome change to the heat of my body. Feline-like I make little sounds of pleasure.

I sniff the sunshine on the fabric, the breeze that caressed it. My hands run across my body, touching shoulders, breasts and belly. Fingers slide in the delta of my sex, seeking, desiring and wanting. Still my ever questing limbs seek out all cool spots.

When he comes in, he doesn’t turn on the lights. He slips in beside me and feels the warmth I have created just for him. He rolls to me, calls me angel and his hand seeks mine that is probing my sex. He lifts it up and slips my fingers into his mouth to suckle my essence from them. He moans softly and lowly growls, ‘Oh angel, you taste divine.’

He draws me to him and I know that we will heat up this bed together into an inferno….


This was inspired by a post on Masters Pleasing Bitch called Whiteness.

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