S. and I have a rather unique way of setting discipline or punishment. You can split it into two halves of the same discipline.

If I have just been bratty or back chatted S. I will be made to stand in the corner, naked. I find it to be annoying and shameful because I am not a brat but at times I act like one there fore it is my own fault. When in the corner I get annoyed and sigh deeply, in a huff. This makes S. smile and he won’t let me off until I am calm once more.

However if I throw a tantrum, or disobey a direct request I will be made to stand in the corner and propped against the corner will be a cane. One that belongs in a Victorian sex novel. Something you need to know is, I hate the dreaded cane. I also have to have the cane on the palms of my hands, not as a sexual act, just one of discipline. All the while I am forced to look at the cane and wonder how many strokes I will receive.

The unique nature of my discipline is I have to think of each and every one myself. I told S. about the cane today. I dreamed about it and I knew I wouldn’t like it. So why did I tell S.? A lot of you might think I am crazy but because of my masochist traits it is hard to know what S. can do to actually punish me as opposed to simply discipline me. Standing in the corner was one I told him about.

He could use a paddle on my ass in a scene, even though I don’t like them. I have given him permission to actually try it out on me because he is never cruel. In my past I had a savage beating with one and that put me off. However, S. would never do that to me so I have said it’s ok to explore, which we do. Therefore it is not an ideal punishment.

I think I talk about these things with him because a great trust is around us and what we do. He does need a way to discipline and punish me because it is part of my training and I think we never stop training and growing. It adds spice to the depths of our life.

Well now you know how we have worked this out. I know it might seem strange but neither S. or I feel that way. It has become a calming force in our relationship. It has removed room for mistakes or running the chance to actually harm me.

On an early post I said that S. and I only use discipline but we have found that there needs to be a little more for some acts of wrong doing. It was also my choice to ask for discipline and punishment not his.

The biggest thing with all of this is I have given him honesty and we both have a deep and abiding trust around us. It makes us both happy.

S. and K.

One Comment on “You’ve been a Norty Girl.

  1. It was my choice to ask as well, although it does benefit both of us the main reason was me.
    Thanks for the share, Kitten!


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