This is the element of my soul. I swim naked and it holds me up and covers my body. It slips over the nerves of my body like the caress of silk. It cools my blood when I need to the dowse the flames. I swim to calm my battling emotions or to empty my mind. I put my feet against the side of the pool and push off staying under the water. Underwater is silent, shutting out all craziness or my raving emotions. Underwater is cool and surrounds you like a cocoon. I rise to the surface to fill my lungs with air then dive back down but during that moment I can hear the sounds of the world. The Sylph in me becomes water, a magical elemental. It feels like flying in the blue light of my pool.


This is the element of my physical body. I dig in the earth and plant flowers and food plants to sustain us or to just bring delight into our home. I wonder at the beauty of the world. Earth is like a mother sustaining and grounding us. When I fret over silly things, I love to walk bare foot in the garden (weather permitting) and somehow it grounds me and then I am able to sort things out. To walk through the woods is a blessing. I adore walking into a field filled with high, golden wheat, to make a small space you lay down a blanket with the partner of your dreams beside you and watch the small clouds drift by.


Air is the element of my mind. Air sweeps up my dreams and aspirations. It carries my plans up and helps them bear fruit. I love to walk along a beach and find a sand dune that I can stand on or sit while the wind blasts in from the sea. It collects my distant desires and hones them into reality.


Fire is my spirit, the bit of my mind that burns through me and stirs up my passion. It powers my mind my body and my soul. It also fires up my temper and that isn’t always a good thing. Fire warms me and it makes my mind quick. I dance around the fire, primal feelings flying. I become wild and sexual and that is my fire embodied in me.

This is a map of my spirit and I believe that spirit holds a great deal of power in my lifestyle. I don’t happen to think that the way we enjoy or BDSM is purely sexual it is also spiritual. I have looked deep inside myself and found this is true of me. I do not profess this to be everyone’s truth. However if you take the time to look inside yourself you might quickly see such things in yourself.

Each time I am with my darling S. we have amazing sex but there is more there. I believe sub space is also a spiritual thing as well as all those yummy brain chemicals. Yes I realize this might make me seem like a nutcase but damn it all I really believe it.

I allow my spirit run free and enjoy nature. I adore being anywhere where there is water. I love sitting around a camp fire and toasting marshmallows even if they end up in burnt offerings. I am also a water baby and I swim every time I have the chance. This is how I charge up my batteries. My spirit is very important and it always add the spice in our relationship.

Take what you will from this post and if you feel as I do please post a comment. I am genuinely interested.

S. and K.

2 Comments on “I Am An Elemental Spirit

  1. I feel the same Kitten. I feel I am a spiritual being and completely see and feel what you mean. It is who we are and how we are affected each day. ♥️❤️


  2. I knew you would understand. I also thought you would leave a comment. I am glad you understand cos, well, it kind of proves I’m not going crazy ~ wicked grin ~. Thank you hun. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂


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