Month: February 2019


Kink of the Week

It is evening and Michael has promised me a wonderful surprise. He picked my black evening dress that is backless. I choose to wear my long necklace but I put the longest part of it down my back. It the front it is like a glittering choke.


TMI Tuesday is up! Let’s go…write, post, read, comment. Go! 1. How do you spend most of your time? This is hard because it depends on what I am doing so, sometime on my laptop writing, making erotic art on my PC or the most mundane, doing housework or cooking when I get the urge to bake. I enjoy shopping too but S. and I … Read More T.M.I.


The Little Golden Chest

I have a secret place deep inside me, that rarely sees the light of day. Inside it are all of my secret things, my darker fantasies, my secret desires, my dreams and ambitions. I have collected them and placed them so carefully inside the ornate chest inside my mind. It is locked and covered with other things to make sure no one can find it.


The Erotic Photographs

I have posed for erotic photographs with mixed reactions. In my early life, pictures were taken of me and I had no control over what was done with them. I looked very young in those days and I found them on a site that mortified me. Once my Master/husband died I swore I would never let that happen to me again. Please realize that even if you post a picture and take it down again, they can spread around the lifestyle sites and internet for years to come.

TMI Tuesday

I thought I would give this a go again, so pinching my nose, taking a leap and launching myself into the waters of life. The State of Happy 1. Do you like where you live or do you wish you could move? Kitten :- I am always wanting to dream about living overseas, south of France, Spain, Italy etc but the thing to remember … Read More TMI Tuesday


Why can’t I say I’m pretty?

I think this is another post about body image or is it? Why is it so difficult to say positive things about ourselves? I can look in a mirror and at best I can think, ‘Yeah, I’m not bad.’ I look at my body and think ‘I guess it is ok.’


Tears On My Cheeks

Tears are strange things. I mean yes crying can come from a place of pain or sadness but I am talking about the tears on my cheeks in a scene.


The Lure of Fresh Sheets

I slip into the darkened bedroom, alone and before my darling. I remove all of my clothing then, draw back the duvet and sheet and slip into the cool cocoon of fabric.


You’ve been a Norty Girl.

S. and I have a rather unique way of setting discipline or punishment. You can split it into two halves of the same discipline.


I Am An Elemental Spirit

Water is the element of my soul. I swim naked and it holds me up and covers my body. It slips over the nerves of my body like the caress of silk. It cools my blood when I need to the dowse the flames. I swim to calm my battling emotions or to empty my mind.


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