1. Are you celebrating or have you celebrated any holidays this December 2018?

Yes. Several actually as we couldn’t get everybody on the same day so it is a case of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and tomorrow. It snowed and it was magical.

2. Describe your typical holiday celebration.

The best kind is when we have a traditional lunch with as many of the family as we can get. We always cook too much so no one goes home without leftovers. We love noisy laughter-filled times. Lunch is normally around 2 pm but we sometimes have to wait for late comers. Family usually bring their puppies too so it is organized chaos. Neither S. or I drink so this tends to be completely booze free so the chaos is from sober people ~ wink ~

3. Now tell us how you really would like to spend your holiday season.

I honestly don’t think I would change a thing.

4. This time of year broadcast TV is filled with Christmas movies. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I adore loads of Christmas Movies but we loved Polar Express and Love Actually.

5. Does your place of work do a gift exchange or secret santa? Do you participate? What gift did you buy to giveaway this year? What gift did you get?

Neither S. or I have to work so no work parties. I gave my darling S. a lot of smaller things, clothes, beard stuff, jeans and a slouchy beanie. He got me a beautiful silver charm bracelet. I have something I want to get but we have to wait until February to get it for him. I want to get him a flipper knife (like a pen knife.) but they sold out and I am superstitious about giving knives as gifts so we will get it when the new run comes out.

Bonus: Have you been naughty or nice?

Hmmmmm that is a large question. Naughty as being deliberately bad, no I haven’t. If you mean ‘Norty’ in a sexy playful way then yes I have been because S. loves me when I am that way, with waves of nice to balance things out.

I hope you found that interesting.

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2 Comments on “TMI Tuesday

  1. Really? Really! When the next run is released your not teasing? Oh I love you so much! I enjoyed our Christmas too darling but can you wake me after new years in tired


  2. Yes darling really, I know how much you want it. I will wake you up after New Year. I am glad we are having a quiet New Year just like a couple of romantic old farts.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you darling.


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