I have been sitting around thinking about what my perfect Christmas day would be like. Lets discover if my thoughts match up with all of yours. Then I can discover if I’m really just like everyone else.

A great number of things filled my mind and I thought I would write them down. We will wake up at a decent hour and have passionate sex.

Ha! we will wake up at some ungodly hour knowing what has to be done and dash out of bed. As soon as our eyes open our stress will reach atomic levels. I will be so anxious there will be no time for any kind of sex.

I will rise and dress in some sexy alluring Christmas outfit like the lady above, to drive my darling S. crazy. It will be way too cold to dress skimpy and I will find my bright red thermal onesie with the back flap that is way too big for me and my wonderful Ugg Boots. With luck I might be able to find my Santa hat.

Next I will go down to the kitchen and make a perfect espresso for S. and a latte for me.

We can sit at the table and look out over the back garden that is a picture of the perfect Christmas outlook. Pure white snow drifts and a robin on the fence. Perhaps even a few deer.

Ha, one, we will just have a pot of strong coffee. I will be lucky if S. wakes up early because he is much too chilled out to rise early. If he does rise early I know enough to have his mug ready, not to speak or sound too cheerful. He is the first to say he is a bear before ten am. (Sorry Nijntje, not a nice Bear like yours ❤ ). He is much more of a grumble bear.

Next will come breakfast. The time where S. and I will share a bacon and egg breakfast, maybe a muffin, just the calm before the storm. Of course we will miss the breakfast and just start working in the kitchen when the bear becomes my beloved S.

Now the kids will start arriving and plonk all the presents under the tree Then they will all hop in to help in the kitchen. The baby will be settled and everyone starts to help. In fact they came the day before and slept over. The two boys had played the X box into the wee hours of the morning and sleep in. The baby will have cried most of the night so daughter in law will sleep in. Aussie daughter doesn’t even know there is an eight o’clock in the morning. American Daughter will be up early enough to cook the cherry pies for dessert and that you can count on.

Oh, the kitchen will run smoothly and all will remain cool and calm. In fact S. will probably kick everyone out of the kitchen because he can get more done without fuss. That bit will happen as he is a great cook. I will stay to prepare the vegetables and do the dishes so the benches are clear for him to work.

I will set the dining table and sort of make a fuss of how it is set out. I love making table centres that are festive and get out the good china and glassware. I also love candles for special occasions. S. and I love to cook loads of things then send the kids home with loads of leftovers. All of this will happen.

The rest of the people we have invited to lunch arrive and I let them in. Of course they all arrive in a good mood. (Yeah right, as if.) Well they do settle down. If not we split them apart for the meal.

We do have relatives from interstate so you never know when people will arrive.

We normally dine around two p.m. It is not a staid and silent meal. It is filled with fun and laughter.

Then we all clear up. Everyone helps except the older family members. They have had Christmas for so many years it is their time to relax.

Then comes the opening of the presents. It is done nicely and in an orderly fashion and it usually is like that. So most of this dream comes true.

Now you have people all filled with food and the nap fever settles down on you. All of our kids are older and they will mostly watch TV, play X Box games. Amongst S. his mom and I will be fighting for holding time with the baby. It gives her mom a chance to relax and it gives us grand-parents and one Great Granma a chance to coo over the baby. Of course she will get presents but she is a bit too young to fully enjoy Christmas.

The rest of the day will pass slowly. Get your own leftovers for dinner, catching up with everyone. It is a mad time, a fun time, something that stresses you to the max. It is a time of silly jumpers, bad jokes from Christmas crackers and paper hats. When everyone leaves S. wraps his arms around me and keeps me close. We both swear we will buy all the presents earlier to save the crowds but we never do.

When we are on our own the house feels empty. Then we realize just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful family.

We also recognise we have a family on here and so we are sending you all the good and wonderful wishes for you all to have a great Christmas we can send to you. May it be filled with love, peace and joy.

12 Comments on “What I want/What we will get

  1. If everyone would just get the hell out of my kitchen no one will get hurt this year! Don t worry kitten I got this it’s not my first rodeo.


    • I always kick everyone out of my kitchen as well! *chuckle* I know just what you mean ….. they all know better these days! *grin* Good luck, S!


      • Actually kitten is allowed in she is an amazing cook and we work well together. It’s my mother we won’t allow in she brings strife and anxiety to the kitchen. That’s why we moved Christmas to our house so she wouldn’t cook and the family could all relax and enjoy themselves.

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      • LoL That’s funny! The Bear has been my sous chef from the beginning as well! My brother once said that watching us work was like watching a well oiled machine, we appear to ‘dance’ as we work. It was quite the compliment. I wrote about it here … hummm, some where, some time back! *wink* Everyone else is asked politely but firmly to please go enjoy the appies!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well oiled machine in deed. S. wields a chopper of a cleaver at 90 miles per hour when he cooks… I use a blunt knife and cut myself to ribbons. I truly do put a bit of me in every meal. As for dancing we actually do dance or I will be a stress ball.

        Liked by 1 person

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