You are the sun in my sky, the wind stroking my body and the fire in my veins. 

You are the thoughts in my mind, the nerves in my fingertips and the breath in my lungs.

You are the heat in my loins, the beating in my breasts and the love in my heart.

You are the core of my fantasies, the man in my dreams and the need in my body.

You fuel my life, you feed my desires, you kiss away the fear in me.

You hold a mirror up to me and make me see the beauty of my soul.

You hold me in your arms and promised to never let me fall. 

This is forever, this is for now, each moment building into the next.

You surround me with love.

Thank you my beloved man.


2 Comments on “You Are

  1. This is amazing darling I love it words don’t begin to describe what this means to me love you kitten


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