Have you had an instant reaction to something that tips you into BDSM mode? It can be a sight, a sound or even a smell. Because we walk the path of strong fetishes, our reactions are powerful when we do indulge ourselves.


My big one is the smell of leather. I catch the scent and my eyes close and I am transported into the play room with my man S. 

Another one is when S. says the word ‘kitten’. I am instantly submissive. It is exciting and part of a place I adore going.

S.’s Shirt.

Dressing in certain ways makes me feel sexual too. Walking around the house in my darling’s shirt makes me feel rather hot and bothered especially if it still has the smell of his cologne on it.

I don’t know what does it for you but the feelings are delicious. Should you have these triggers enjoy them.

Have fun and enjoy each other.

S. and K.


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