All research starts with a cup of coffee for me.

Firstly I need to tell you that my daughter has been in hospital having her appendix removed. She is home now and doing well. The upshot of this is I haven’t written much on here so it is time for me to knuckle down and change that. 

I have been watching some porn on Red Tube which is free for all you people out there that are interested. It is a part of You Tube. I am not normally a person that watches masses of blue movies but this turned into a form of research. I can see things like bondage furniture that is used, ways to be tied and the different kinds of tools and whips they use. 

I found something I could do to really give pleasure to my darling S. Now I don’t know if you are like me, but when I find something that is sort of exotic or never before spoken about I find it very hard to bring it up but I have no idea why. S. is completely open to any suggestions. If he likes it he will say yes. If uncertain he asks questions. Then he will say yes or no after thinking on it.

Well now my mind is running over time as too my watching of Red Tube. All in the name of research mind you. ~ wink ~ I have also found a way to avoid my blushes. I email him a link to the things I like and why or what it is I have noticed. It is a system that is working well ~ shy smile ~.

I am still amazed that I do get shy and blush brightly when talking about things with S. Am I the only one that does this? S. tells me it is cute and nice to know I am not jaded by what we do. I can never see a time that I will become bored or jaded because S. and I work hard to keep it fresh. I can hear people saying ‘but there is just one way to slip handcuffs on’. There are a hundred different ways to put them on.  That is also true with all aspects of BDSM. You are limited only by your imagination.

As a little side note about Red Tube… make sure you have good virus and malware protection. A lot of the clips are posted by commercial companies and you don’t need them knowing your details. I run Malwarebytes and it works well and there have been no bugs caught on my laptop. 

Have fun you guys

S. and k

Checking it all out

5 Comments on “Research

  1. Sometimes things are easier to ‘see’ than explain. LoL I have on occasion started off with a video clip as well, then we can discuss it more afterwards. Not everything is feasible without the space for a dungeon! *giggle* but we can also find ways to make the ‘feel’ of it in another way.


      • Oh perfectly normal i would think! ❤

        I've been meaning to getting around to writing about 'learning styles' and how you need to take that into account when trying to relay information to your partner. Maybe today, i have some time on my hands 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I always love when you do research, things get so interesting. Love the picture of the restraint belt wonder who made that? I must admit I can’t get enough of that adorable blush.


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