Month: December 2018


TMI Tuesday

1. Are you celebrating or have you celebrated any holidays this December 2018? Yes. Several actually as we couldn’t get everybody on the same day so it is a case of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and tomorrow. It snowed and it was magical. 2. Describe your typical holiday celebration. The best kind is when we have a traditional lunch with as many of the … Read More TMI Tuesday


What I want/What we will get

have been sitting around thinking about what my perfect Christmas day would be like. Lets discover if my thoughts match up with all of yours. Then I can discover if I’m really just like everyone else.


Things to do in the cold

So the short days of a frozen winter are on the way, even though snow might not happen at Christmas. Back home it is 38 degrees Celsius. While we will have the traditional lunch, in Australia they are cleaning off the bar-b-que or ordering the prawns. I prefer a cold Christmas by far. Now I am going to tell you ways to survive cold … Read More Things to do in the cold


You Are

You are the sun in my sky, the wind stroking my body and the fire in my veins.


What can I do?

Have you ever felt completely helpless and no I am not saying tied up and in some bondage scene? I am talking about when a person you love is ill. I’m in the situation where I have to watch my beloved S. going through a lot of pain. He never grumbles or gives in to pain. I ask how he is and he says okish. Okish means he is in pain and I have to stop myself hovering over him because hates it.


Vulnerable vs Danger

There is a really big difference between feeling vulnerable or feeling a sense of danger. Also there are different sides of the danger coin. Bad danger is when you are under threat or you feel afraid from something beyond your control. Being truly afraid of a situation means one thing, time to get out of there. Making yourself safe before you are in that situation is important.


Instant Reactions

Have you got an instant reaction to something that tips you into BDSM mode? It can be a sight, a sound or even a smell. Because we walk the path of strong fetishes, our reactions are powerful when we do indulge ourselves.



When I was young, I used to feel the need for constant approval. I believe it was because I had such a terrible home life. I used to do a chore with all the excellence I could muster, hoping for a positive comment, a hug, even a smile. There was nothing forthcoming.



Picture S. and I laying on the sofa, entwined in each other and my head is on his chest. It was a quiet moment, a still moment in time. We were in a reflective mood and we began talking about how our relationship got to be so strong. I have not loved a man the way I love S. and we talked about why things sit so comfortably with us.


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