The perfect gift for the Dom who has everything.

What do you buy for the Dominant that has everything for a Christmas present? It is never easy and I often wrack my brain for something original. I mean you have to be observant and watch them through the months leading up to Christmas or their birthday. You also need to be stealthy. I am hopeless at keeping secrets and usually cave under pressure. I am improving and so is S. he doesn’t put so much pressure on me. 

I thought and thought about this for so long but my brain went into madness mode. Yes I can get him clothes, boring. I can get rings or belt buckles or all kinds of shiny things which he adores but we shop together for those things. 

I hear you all yell out various sex toys but really they ultimately are for me to enjoy. He loves them of course but it seems wrong buying them for him.

Then I cast my mind back to when my daughter was young. She didn’t want to buy me the usual things and really I preferred the ones she made for me. I had no idea what she was up to when she whispered into her Uncle Jamie’s ear very conspiratorially. He smiled and then off they went. Nothing more was said.

It was actually for my Birthday and she gave me an envelope and I could feel something that wasn’t a card. I opened it up and pulled out what looked like a coupon book. It was in Jamie’s writing and he helped with the words and when I began to read I was very shocked. It said on the pages ‘This coupon entitles mummy to… one big kiss. I had coupons for 6 big kisses. Then I read one that said I will dust for mummy and there were two of them. There were 6 special cuddles, only one to clean up her toys. The remaining things were shoulder massages and hair brushing.

I don’t know why but I burst into tears of happiness and I hugged that girl until she groaned and said mummy I can’t breathe.

Well my evil mind took that a step further and I imagined a coupon book for my beloved S. ~ evil grin ~ … let me see, oral sex (I don’t like the words blow job) romantic dinner with it served on a naked me. To be his slave for a day. A day where I make all of his cups of coffee. Also empty coupons where he can choose his own thing. Oh the best one….I won’t nag him for a week ~giggles~

Now I know he will read this and say where is the surprize in that but he doesn’t know which year he will get it or for what celebration.  

I just wanted to share this with you as I know a lot of people have trouble picking the perfect gift and this one costs nothing yet means so much.

S. and k.

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