Frosty the Snowman was here.

Just as it is a true thing to say Christmas is fun, there is the other side of the coin and to some people it can be the saddest or loneliest of times. It is to those of you that I am speaking to.

Warm furry hugs.

I don’t know the reasons for this sadness or loneliness but please let me encourage you to reach out to someone. Churches normally have a Christmas lunch around the holidays. You do not have to be a member of that church and you will be welcomed. They are usually very cheap if not free meals. I know the Red Cross also offer meals around Christmas. 

If you have family that care for you, no matter how depressed you are they will welcome you. Most people have a friend that would be more than happy for you to join them. The hardest thing is to reach out.

Just a friend

The big thing is try not to be alone. 

If you have no one to visit and you have a dog you already have the best company in them. Make a special meal  for you both and share it. Snuggle up close because you have a perfect guardian angel in that little furball. Even a kitty can be great company.

There is one last option for you if none of these help at all. S. and I are here and if you want to write us an email we will do our best to get back to you. You are loved and people care for you. You have my love and wishes for peace though-out this season. 

S. and k.

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