The idea of tickling to most people sounds like fun and you might dissolve into giggles. Try to imagine if you were tied up and someone tickled you, there would be no way to stop them. Prolonged tickling can even become painful. Would it still be fun?

I am one of the lucky people as I am not ticklish and if I do feel that way I can over-ride it with my mind. I do, however, have ticklish feet but that is weird too. If you tickle my feet you better be ready for the consequences. It turns me on more than you can even imagine. This can also be used against me. I might not be ‘in the mood’ for a scene so S. can offer to tickle my feet and suddenly, like magic, I am ‘ready for fun’. Thankfully S. doesn’t abuse this power. 

I can hear you say, but if you are submissive you do as your Dominant wants and I do, because having a scene often makes me feel better. The other thing is my beloved S. knows me so well he will know how I am feeling by just observing me.

Now back to tickling. There is a drawback for women of a certain age and if they are tickled they pee. Just bear that in mind all of you Tops, it can get messy. There is the other side of that coin and tickling is just to ensure the bottom does pee and adds the element of humiliation. I am not one for peeing during a scene. I am not at all into peeing for any part of Domination or submission. Thankfully my darling S. is not into it either ~big sigh of relief~

I have seen submissives cry because the tickling lasted a long while. I have heard screaming and begging for it to stop. I have also seen it used in small amounts to just hint at how helpless you really are. 

I know that an onslaught of tickling on a body in one session the one being tickled will lose those sensations if you just tickle in one place so move areas to keep it going. Ticklish zones are arm pits ribs, neck, lips with a feather, knees and feet. Well they are the common ones. 

You can tickle with fingers, feathers, soft fabric even by running a fluid over the skin. There is one torment that S. uses and it drives me to distraction. After sex and he has filled me with sperm, he makes me stand with my legs open and fluid rolls down my leg. I am not allowed to move at all. That tickles so bad and drives me crazy. It takes a great deal of discipline to stand still. 

Well that is it. Tickling in a nutshell. Never underestimate the power of this little thing. Sorry guys and girls if I have said too much. I would suggest if any of this disgusts or disturbs you, go put it on your limits. It can be the best of sensations or the worst. I quite like what tickling does to me.

Have fun with this.

S. and k.

4 Comments on “Tickling

  1. Tickling is a hard limit for me, i’ve never been able to handle it, at all! It causes a great deal of physical pain, and not the good kind! LoL My son is the same way, he can not handle being tickled either.


    • There are a lot of people that can’t abide being tickled so you are not alone Nijntje. If it causes physical pain and not the nice pain it would be nothing short of torture. I am glad the Bear loves you enough not to do that to you. ❤


  2. Can I have your foot, just for a minute? No I won’t tickle it I promise. This feather, on the other hand has a mind of its own.


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