I read a very funny post from Katkinx, it was part of her 30 Days of Kink challenge.

It made me think about myself and S, because we both enjoy humour and we are always laughing, even if it is during a scene. The time that it usually happens is after a scene when we collapse on the bed or floor and the first thing we say, as we are gasping for air is, ‘Pass the oxygen please!’

Sometimes I have certain needs that I find difficult to ask for. I sometimes can be very shy and S. sees that but will he say it? No he won’t and he will even go so far as to torment me, kissing and touching me. It drives me crazy but he finds it very funny for some reason. He smiles brightly when I eventually ask.

He also finds great delight in me huffing and puffing when I am sent to the corner for discipline. He loves it when he suggests something and it makes me blush, because I go really red. He also goes out of his way to make me blush. When the cleaner is around he makes a point of whispering deeply sexual things he wants to do to me, knowing it will make me squirm. Would you believe the darn cleaner can take hours over something that will usually take five minutes. (Not really but it seems like she does.)

This all sounds like he is mean to me but really I love it. When the cleaner has gone I will pounce on him, much to his delight. When I show a temper tantrum he laughs at me and I am good at those. I usually throw a temper tantrum at inanimate objects when I can’t do things. I will giggle when I can see something that S. is looking for and it is right under his nose.

We laugh together when we stop doing what we are doing to dance together. I will hear a song and I will run to where he is and grab his hands to dance.

The main thing is we laugh together, not at each other in a cruel or taunting way. We do share a rather perverse humour but we are never cruel. We do also believe if you can’t say something nice don’t speak. When I look at a person I look deep inside them, at their heart and deeds. Neither of us would make fun of a person. That has no style and both S. and I have style. We laugh with each other. Mind you if I got a great big pimple on the end of my nose and complained madly over it, S. would laugh at me and make me see how silly I am being.

When I got my new breasts (and that still sounds somehow wrong) he listened to me and offered a shoulder to cry on but I found out after I was used to them, he really liked them. That must be a man thing. He never told me that by the way, he waited until I was comfortable with them before saying anything. He did tell me it was just one thing in the things that make me, me. Now I call them my aliens and I can giggle about them and even make big boob jokes about myself.

I think laughter is an important thing with us and we love to laugh. You can’t take yourself too seriously or you might become way too intense about your BDSM or D/s relationship and where is the joy in that? Laughing does not make you less of a submissive or Dominant. That is what I believe and S. is with me one this point so please don’t be so serious. Make it fun and it will last much longer.

There are times when you should never laugh though, when your lover unveils his wonderful cock, not a good time. The sound of a man’s ego shattering is like exploding crystal. It is just as important for a lady. Remember our bodies are a map of our journey through life. They are also just the clothing of our hearts, minds and souls. I can laugh at something that happened to me and that was when I fell over and my skirt flipped up and S. asks me not to wear panties at all. Ok I was embarrassed and quickly flipped it back down and people showed only concern. I was taken to hospital to make sure I had not broken anything because my ribs hurt. At the hospital I had to endure more embarrassment when the doctor examined me. When S. found out he laughed his head off about the no panties bit and I couldn’t help it I was laughing hard myself. I had not broken anything which he discovered before he crumpled up laughing his ass off!

Have fun and laugh together. Laughter lifts the spirits and is important to your mood. It really can lift your mood and draw you closer together.


S. and k




5 Comments on “Things That Tickle My Funny Bone

  1. I can’t imagine a day without laughter. With the Bear, the boys and anyone i see really, life is just simply too short to be serious all the time. It’s a good and simple way to ‘pay it forward’ too! A good reminder Kitten!


  2. Kitten, thank you so much for sharing my post😊
    It really is, I think, important to see the humor in things and share it with your partner as much as possible. There are always going to be the serious moments and it’s so good to have the humorous ones too❣️
    Such a great post of your relationship insight! Love it❤️xx


  3. Well if you haven’t all figured it out by now I have a real problem with being serious, come let’s face it it’s simply over rated. Besides everyone around you is already doing it. Be your own person. Laugh, live, be happy. As someone famous once said don’t take life so seriously your not going to make it out alive anyway. Kitten you summed us up pretty well, what she didn’t mention was online that day after day poor girl


  4. Stupid auto correct I mean to say I’m like that day after day see I can’t even be bothered to proof read


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