I apologise for not posting much recently but real life has got in the way. One of the biggest thing that has been taking up so much time is physical therapy. After chemo I was left thin and weak. I had to start a weight gaining diet and because of my diabetes I couldn’t do all the fun things. I had to eat healthily.

I was also left with a need to build up my strength and stamina so yes enforced exercises but I also got some massages. Well Friday was the last day of therapy. Now I have to join a gym and swim. I have to say I liked getting fit and am looking forward to remaining so.

S. has not been the best but he soldiers on. I try not to ask how his tummy is and he is happy to let me know how his mood is, so we are kind of in sync. What he doesn’t know is I can tell when he is not coping so well. I don’t fuss over him but I try to lighten the load on him. I am good at taking his mind off it. ~wicked grin~

Even though I am not on here so much I read all of your posts and I also miss people if I don’t make loads of comments on their posts. It is funny how you grow close to people here even though you don’t really know much past what they choose to share. I can tell Nijntje is fun loving but I know she has a few health issues. You have to read her story on icy fingers and moisturiser.

So for all my friends out there Hey! and I miss you!

Stay well and warm ~wink~



6 Comments on “Real Life vs Blog World

  1. I’m with you on the fitness journey my friend, it does feel good to be able to do ‘something’ about what ails us! I’m sorry to hear S. isn’t feeling so great either but i’m sending hugs and support your way, for both of you. Be well! ❤


    • I can’t speak for S. except he is going to the State University to see if there is some kind of resolution for his problem. There was a clinical trial happening but they only want people that have his problem AND diabetes. He doesn’t have diabetes but I asked does it count if I have diabetes? He didn’t think it would count ~wink~ This man’s ability to make light of this makes me so proud because he handles it with great humour and grace. I mean I don’t think I could. My task is to try and make him laugh and keep his mind off of it and I have a few feminine wiles to do just that. ~wicked grin~ I will keep you all updated on this.

      Nijntje thank you for your comment and you have no idea how much your blog cheers us both up so a big thanks for your good wishes. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Dearest Katkinx thank you so much for your support. You are definitely another person I consider a friend. I am not sure if you realize just how much I enjoy your blog. It is something most bloggers don’t realize and that is you do affect others and in a good way. Once more thanks hun for your kind wishes.


      • Thank you so much‼️❤️ I feel the same about you and your blog also! You are loved and thought of, and know I for one can’t wait for you to get back❣️xx

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